Specialist Seminar – The Big Audit​

Specialist Seminar – The Big Audit​

Date: September 22, 2021
QFP Points : 250
Cost : £25 +VAT

The Big Audit Agenda

For the last of our Specialist Seminars of 2021, we think that now would be a good time to focus and plan for the future.

To do this, we must take stock of where we are now and identify the areas of our businesses that we want to improve, grow, and work on for the future health of our brands!

With this in mind, we will be asking each of our delegates to bring a current challenge in their business to the seminar. One will be selected and the afternoon will be spent in zoom breakout room “Mini Peer boards” facilitating by The Alternative Board and the bfa, these boards will utilise the power of collaboration and show how it can provide insights, ideas,  and most importantly solutions to these challenges!

09:45           Welcome and introductions – bfa

10:00           Health Check – Franchise Agreement & Ops      Manuals -  

Fiona Boswell,– Knights PLC 

  • Changes that we have seen in 2021
  • Ensuring that your Franchise Agreement is regularly updated to accommodate an evolving business model
  • Ensuring that any new changes are reflected in your Ops Manual 

10:45           Robust business planning for success! – Andrew Wooding, Chris Maloney & Simon Armstrong – Menzies LLP

  • Consider your personal aspirations
  • Identifying goals, vision & strategy for your business
  • Where do you stand now? Review of current performance & risks
  • Financial stress testing the vision with three-way forecasting
  • Getting the best from your reporting to empower decision making 

11:30           Comfort & coffee

11:45           Leadership that Inspires Change- Developing a Growth Mindset

Graeme McKinnon, Why? Leadership

  • Helping people to feel inspired, and committed to delivering your Vision for the future, is what true leadership is about. This uplifting session will help you to explore how you can develop your leadership skills to inspire change, that will unlock the positive emotions and internal motivation, that people need to thrive.
  • This is an essential element of creating a high performing team, with people who are committed to developing a growth mindset, leading to sustainable and profitable business growth.

12:45           Reviewing your brand representation –

Julia Bickerton, Calvin Marketing

  • Are you still relevant?
  • Two sides to marketing – your brand, your franchise
  • Plan of action

13:15           Lunch

13:45           The Power of Collaboration – Mini Peer Boards facilitated and introduced by –

The Alternative Board -  Ed Reid QFP

  • Attendees will be allocated breakout rooms with non-competing brands
  • Opportunity to discuss challenges in your business with your peers in a structured way
  • Collaborate on ideas, suggestions and solutions         

15:00           Comfort and coffee

 15:15           Feedback from the Mini Peer Boards

  • Discussion and feedback from each board         

16:15           Open discussion, Q & A with speakers

16:30           Summary & Close

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