Specialist Seminar – The Exit Strategy

Specialist Seminar – The Exit Strategy

Date: May 26, 2021
QFP Points : 250
Cost : £50 +VAT

bfa Seminars - The EXIT Strategy

A 1 day virtual session providing you with everything you need to know about planning, processing and continuing to build you business throughout exits.

Starting at 9.45 there will be comfort breaks throughout the day

10:00           Welcome and introductions – Helen Thompson - bfa

10:10           Franchise Agreement - Health Check on Your Resales Process - Jane Masih - Owen White

-  The necessity of robust coverage in your Agreement

10:30           Planning for Exit when a Franchisee is not Renewing  - Suzie McCafferty, Platinum Wave             

- What’s needed – to do list and top tips

- Key considerations for a franchisor

11:10 - Coffee Break

11:20           Resales – The Lenders Perspective - Oliver Dalliway - Barclays Bank

- What does a bank want to see for a resale franchisee?

- Tips for ensuring your franchisee gets it right!

11:50           Valuing a business - Chris Roberts - Chantry Group

- Valuing a franchise

- Key tips and considerations

12:30           Franchisee/franchisors responsibilities during exit process - Ben Brookes - Agency Express

- Process and Documents

- Guiding your franchisees to selling their business

- Sourcing Leads on behalf of the franchisees, and the implications

- Vetting a prospective purchaser; ensuring they are the right fit for the specific                                       business and your franchise.

- Franchisor’s First Refusal

- Ensuring a smooth transition

13:10 - Lunch Break

13:40           Resales to existing network to encourage multi-unit owning franchisees - Terry Mullen - Revive!

- Advertising the business/territory to your existing franchisees

- Encouraging expansion and growth from your current network

 14:20           Exiting franchisees in breach – terminations forced sales - John Pratt, Hamilton Pratt

- Implication of Sales vs termination

- Death & incapacity – what to do 

15:00 - Coffee Break                                      

15:10           The Value of relationships post-exit - Ruth Brown - Home Instead

- How do you cultivate a good post-exit relationship?

- The benefits of staying connected with former franchisees

15:50           Q&A and Open discussion on all topics covered


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