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bfa membership shows current and prospective franchisees, clients and staff your commitment to ethical franchising. As the UK’s largest and longest standing franchise association, we wrote the rulebook when it comes to franchise ethics and best practice in the UK. We are the only member of the European Franchise Federation and World Franchise Council, owned by our members and operating in the best interests of the industry we are the trusted partner in franchising for a reason!

What Professional Advisor membership can offer you

Dedicated to upholding the bfa standards throughout the franchise community, we are delighted to work with trusted professional partners across the industry to support our members with ethical and reliable guidance. Expert advisors and industry suppliers in franchising, under specified categories, can apply for Professional Affiliate or Supplier membership. Applying to join bfa membership shows you are making a commitment to ensure that the advice on franchising given to clients is of a high standard, consistent with the aims and objectives of the British Franchise Association.

Professional members benefit from:

Affiliate membership with the bfa provides a level of security and reassurance to your potential clients who can find you through our approved directory of advisors. Membership benefits include:

• Recognition throughout the industry
• Networking opportunities
• Speaking opportunities

• Member-exclusive promotion
• Expert-led content positioning
• Sponsorship opportunities

Membership Types & Criteria

Affiliate member:

The bfa’s Affiliate membership category offers businesses an opportunity to participate in the active protection of UK franchising and ongoing delivery of high-quality standards. There are various expectations on a company wishing to benefit from the credibility and representation of being members of the bfa. 

Supplier member:

As franchising has developed into a substantial community of businesses, the demand for various products and services has also increased – some of which will be specific to franchising and some of which will be more diverse. Any business that wishes to supply goods and services to bfa members must first successfully join the bfa as a member before they can become a supplier. The bfa’s Supplier membership category offers businesses an opportunity to engage with the association and our members through several channels. A business that meets the criteria for any of the bfa Affiliate categories cannot also become a bfa Supplier.

Shirley Hughes, Executive Recruitment Consultant, The Franchising Centre
“Having been a member of the bfa for 13 years it is an integral part of my business. Being able to meet with fellow members and talk through what is working or not working in their businesses helps me to keep up-to-date with what is happening in the industry. When the bfa launches new initiatives it is great to be able to join in with the rest of the community and work with the bfa to get their message out and be part of what is important to everyone involved in franchising.”

bfa Monthly Franchise Insights

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