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Puddle Ducks makes the news!

Puddle Ducks makes the news!

Despite the many obstacles that 2020 has thrown at everyone this year, it’s been good to see Puddle Ducks are back in the pool and teaching their little swimmers once again! The nationwide swim school franchise had to close their doors back in March.

Attention to detail is important to Puddle Ducks, so they took extra time to relaunch their lessons, with most franchises getting back in the pool in early September after carefully reviewing their lessons to ensure a safe and comfortable environment with Covid-19 measures securely in place.

Puddle Ducks wanted to shout about their return to the pool and to support their local franchisees, so launched a national PR campaign for all offices to announce that they were back in the water. This was met with great success, with lots of regional coverage for the swim school, as customers were keen to get swimming again.

Puddle Ducks went in national media, as Ali Beckman, Technical Director and Head Teacher, spoke about how to safely return to swimming lessons post-lockdown, landing great ‘expert advice’ coverage in HELLO Magazine online! The piece aimed to address the concerns parents may have about returning to lessons, whilst pointing out things that should or shouldn’t be happening during lessons post-lockdown.

Two delighted franchise owners have also appeared on their local radio to discuss the measures they’ve put in place to ensure a safe return to the pool.

Rebecca Lomax, owner of the new Puddle Ducks franchise in Norfolk appeared on BBC Radio Norfolk. Despite launching her new business at the start of lockdown back in March, she has felt reassured due to the support of Duck HQ and discussed how she is determined to make her franchise a success now that she is finally in the pool. She explained that she was looking to recruit new teachers and source a new pool, expanding her capacity for lessons in her local area. To listen to the interview, click here.

Cate Woodrow-Smith, owner of Puddle Ducks Derbyshire and North West Leicestershire also appeared on her local radio, BBC Radio Leicester, to discuss how the team have been able to safely return to lessons with heightened safety measures in place. Again, she noted the hard work that Duck HQ have put in over lockdown to restructure lessons and adapt to Covid-19 restrictions, highlighting the constant support that Puddle Ducks’ franchises receive.

Duck HQ has provided constant support for their franchise owners and their customers throughout lockdown including a weekly customer newsletter to support their customers’ progress in the pool, outlining tips for practicing swimming skills on dry land!

Head office was also there to provide constant communication regarding changes and restrictions, alongside re-planning lessons based on governing body guidelines and advising about how to relaunch lessons.  The franchise network of 31 owners also provided each other with help and advice which ensured all franchisees remained reassured, so that they were all ready to restart lessons. To find out more about Puddle Ducks and the franchising opportunities available, please call 01477 410083 or visit https://www.puddleducks.com/franchising

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