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Puddle Ducks provide expert comment on radio

Puddle Ducks provide expert comment on radio

Leading swim school franchise, Puddle Ducks, recently hit the airwaves to discuss the importance of childhood swimming.

A number of Puddle Ducks franchisees appeared on their local BBC Radio stations to provide expert comment on a national news piece regarding the number of children who have missed out on learning to swim due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Swim England, over the past year, up to 240,000 children have missed out on learning how to swim 25m, a requirement of the national curriculum. More recently, Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), have announced an increase in the number of water-related fatalities in the last 12 months.

Puddle Ducks, who’s customers from a very young age are taught personal survival skills, has been affected, unable to open fully during the various lockdown periods due to government restrictions.

Yet despite the circumstances of the past year, customers have been keen to get back in the water and Puddle Ducks’ 33 franchisees are experiencing some of their highest customer levels ever.

Sarah Austin, franchisee of Puddle Ducks Bristol and Bath, was delighted to be asked to provide expert comment on BBC Radio Bristol. “Since relaunching lessons on 12th April, we have been inundated with interest from parents. Missing out on a year of lessons has definitely had an impact on the children, and with the easing of restrictions leading to freedoms such as summer holidays abroad and in the UK, many children are in desperate need of beginning to learn or refreshing their swimming skills.”

Other radio opportunities included Pete Weller, franchisee for South West London, who appeared on BBC Radio London, Clive Relf, franchisee for West Kent and East Sussex appeared on BBC Radio Kent, Victoria Rowley, franchisee for East Kent, North Kent, and South East London appeared on BBC Radio Kent, alongside BBC Radio Nottingham and BBC Radio Suffolk.

With a wealth of franchise support continuing throughout the past year, franchisees have been kept informed and updated, with national office helping them to get back in the water safely.

Ruth Nelson, strategic brand and marketing manager at Puddle Ducks explains: “Although our franchisees have been unable to run classes throughout most of the past year, they have still received support. Supporting our franchisees even when they have been out of the pool has helped to keep them up-to-date with changing regulations, as well as creating media opportunities and exposure to maintain and grow their client base and waiting lists- such as these recent radio appearances.”

Puddle Ducks teaches children from birth to 10 years to swim independently, beautifully and confidently. With lessons across England, Wales and Scotland. Their fun-filled lessons are child-led, suited to the child’s ability and confidence levels, teaching them to love and respect the water in an enjoyable way.

To find out more about Puddle Ducks’ franchise opportunity, please email info@puddleducks.com or visit https://www.puddleducks.com/franchising.

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