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Puddle Ducks welcomes a wave of multi-unit franchisees

Puddle Ducks welcomes a wave of multi-unit franchisees

Puddle Ducks, the nationwide baby and child swim school franchise, is celebrating a number of expansions across their franchise network. Existing franchisees have achieved amazing success with their franchise territories, and are sharing their passion for teaching children to swim to further areas of the country!

These expansions demonstrate franchisees’ trust in the brand, as well as their enthusiasm for helping parents and their children build their confidence in the water. They love what they do so much that they have invested in further territories.

These multi-unit expansions also demonstrate the strength of the network, with owners expanding their portfolio even throughout a time where pools were shut and lessons unable to operate- displaying confidence in Puddle Ducks’ bespoke model.

Owners who took the plunge and expanded their businesses include:

  • Jo Gribben, owner of Puddle Ducks Lancashire achieved such success with her franchise, reaching 1000 customers a week pre-pandemic, that she has taken on an additional territory in North Hampshire and Reading- bringing Puddle Ducks’ child-led approach to the area!
  • Suzanne and Gary Horton, owners of Puddle Ducks Greater Manchester and Puddle Ducks Worcestershire bought the additional territory of Derbyshire and North West Leicestershire through a resale. They were the first Puddle Ducks’ office to build their own amazing pool in Manchester, providing a bespoke facility for their in-demand lessons.
  • Victoria Rowley, owner of Puddle Ducks East Kent, North Kent and South East London, and Pete and Cathy Weller, owners of Puddle Ducks South West London are excited to have divided a territory between them, expanding their fun, educational lessons into South London.

Jo Stone, managing director and co-founder of Puddle Ducks is delighted with the growth of the business, and comments: “To have an increasing amount of multi-unit franchisees within our network is a source of great pride. These franchisees have an exceptional amount of trust in our brand, as well as a real passion for what they do. Having grown successful businesses with us and having a continuing enthusiasm for teaching people to love the water, have chosen to expand their portfolio of Puddle Ducks territories.

“Through multi-unit franchises, our franchisees can grow exceptional, large businesses with increased turnovers and sizeable influence across their local areas. These amazing businesses are not only making a difference, but they are helping to boost our brand awareness and reputation, in turn helping our single-unit franchisees too- multi-units are good for everyone. We are so happy to have such a wonderful network who hold a strong belief in our mission!”

This trust and satisfaction is backed up by their accolades. Puddle Ducks is one of only a handful of franchisors to achieve a 5 star franchise satisfaction rating from WorkBuzz for 9 consecutive years, demonstrating that their franchisees are happy with the franchise model, the support provided and the success they have achieved.

To find out more about Puddle Ducks’ franchise opportunity and the territories they have available across the UK, please visit https://www.puddleducks.com/franchising.  

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