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Qualified Franchise Professional (QFP)

For Employees
Industry wide recognition
Increased franchising knowledge
Demonstrate competitive edge
Enhanced career opportunities
Peer networking

For Employers
Improved business effectiveness
Increased value
 to your business
Better supported franchisees
Attract better quality, 
new franchisees
Valued, engaged, more confident staff

What is the QFP

The Qualified Franchise Professional (QFP) is the formal recognition of professional knowledge and experience in franchising. It demonstrates that you understand the complexities of, and best practice in, franchising and have invested time to continuously develop your understanding. 

Intrinsically linked to learning from established seminars and key events, this franchise qualification enables principals or employees of bfa member organisations to capitalise on the synergy between extended learning and existing good business practice.

  • You can increase and extend your knowledge and experience, without major disruption to your ongoing work commitments

  • The QFP is a valuable tool in the training and retention of staff, offering a beneficial addition to people’s skill sets

  • Through attending several prequalified events and seminars, you will gain points towards their QFP – over a period of up to three years

  • Before achieving the qualification, you must accumulate the appropriate number of points and attend an interview with the expert panel

Who can become a Qualified Franchise Professional?

The QFP has been specially developed for people working within the franchising industry who want to demonstrate their experience, understanding and ethical approach to franchising.

• Professional advisers to the industry
• Franchise owners
• Directors
• Managers
• Franchisee support staff

As well as adding value to clients and franchisees through use of the QFP branding, you can also use the qualification to help train and retrain your own staff.

As a standards-based franchise qualification built upon the ethics of the bfa, this qualification is open only to principals or employees of bfa member organisations. This further strengthens the value of the qualification and underpins the importance of best practice and ethics within UK franchising.

How it works

  1. The first step in gaining your QFP is to register.

  2. Gain QFP points through attending a number of prequalified events and seminars (see below)

  3. Over a period of up to three years you must accumulate at least 3,000 points, with a minimum of 800 points per year

  4. There are core learning events alongside elective events. All core learning events must be attended at some stage

  5. Once you have attended all core learning events and are close to achieving the 3,000 points you will be invited to complete your professional dialogue

  6. On successful completion of the dialogue and achieving 3,000 points you will qualify as a QFP

  7. To retain your QFP you need to achieve 600 continuous professional development (CPD) points per year by attendance at further events

Core Learning Events

  1. bfa Annual Conference: 1.5 days, 500 points

  2. How to Understand Franchisees’ Financial Performance: 2 days, 500 points

  3. How to Market Your Franchise and Recruit for Network Growth: 2 days, 500 points

  4. How to Motivate Franchisees: 1 day, 250 points

  5. How to Monitor Franchisee Performance: 1 day, 250 points

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