Qualified Franchise Professional (QFP)

My QFP journey has been invaluable and it’s a programme I’d highly recommend to everyone no matter their stage in franchising. It has been a constant source of inspiration and had as increased my desire to learn, to improve, to apply, evaluate and repeat. The QFP programme has enabled me to better support franchisees throughout many aspects of their journey and has made me more valuable and rounded member of the team.

– Naomi Eaton QFP, Agency Express, Nov 2021

What is the QFP

The Qualified Franchise Professional (QFP) is the formal recognition of professional knowledge and experience in franchising. It demonstrates that you understand the complexities of, and best practice in, franchising and have invested time to continuously develop your understanding. from registration we allow 3 years to complete the QFP. During this time you will:

  • Increase knowledge and experience in synergy with ongoing work commitments
  • Invest in teams and support their development in franchising
  • Experience a blended approach of compulsory QFP modules and learning events over a 3 year period
  • Finally, produce a dialogue and attend a final interview with the QFP expert panel

Who can become a Qualified Franchise Professional?

Anyone wanting to demonstrate their experience and strengthen understanding of an ethical approach to franchising.

Industry advisers
Franchise owners
Franchisee support staff

Anyone can complete individual modules of the QFP however, to undertake the final element and qualify, your brand must be a member of the British Franchise Association.

How it works

Core Learning Events

  1. bfa Annual Conference: 1.5 days, 500 points

  2. How to Understand Franchisees’ Financial Performance: 2 days, 500 points

  3. How to Market Your Franchise and Recruit for Network Growth: 2 days, 500 points

  4. How to Motivate Franchisees: 1 day, 250 points

  5. How to Monitor Franchisee Performance: 1 day, 250 points


Introduced in 2021 QFP cohort groups have proved very popular! For anyone who would like to complete the qualification within a year, learning with your peers from within the industry with set training dates and the addition of reflection sessions to discuss your learnings and shared experience.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my QFP journey and was delighted to be accepted as a member of the first cohort. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about franchising and built a great network of contacts and friends throughout the course. Everyone I have met has been extremely helpful and supportive and you feel part of a team!  I’d thoroughly recommend the QFP to anyone and am thrilled to now be a Qualified Franchise Professional.

– Cheryl Harper QFP, Greensleeves Dec 2021

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