How to Market your Franchise and Recruit for Network Growth

Why attend this course?

Recruiting the right franchisees in the right manner is a critical factor in the successful growth and long-term sustainability of franchise brands.

Recruiting franchisees is often quoted as the most difficult aspect of franchising. Finding the right franchisees in the right place at the right time is hard enough for any system.

Workshop outline (10am-4pm – 2 days)

  • Build your fundamental understanding of best-practice recruitment processes
  • Gain insight into franchisee concerns and what they are looking for in a business
  • Understand the components of a franchise offer, and how to improve the offer
  • Identify improvements in recruitment promotions
  • Common recruitment mistakes and how to avoid them

In-house Training:

  • The dates of upcoming training workshops are available on our website, however, if you would like to arrange in-house training please contact us on 01235 820470 

Learning objectives

  • Current marketplace for recruitment
  • Why people buy a franchise
  • Establishing a marketing & recruitment budget
  • Dual roles of sales and recruitment activities
  • Establishing a franchisee profile
  • Background to decision making process
  • Suitable marketing media for franchisee profile
  • Ethics of recruitment and disclosure
  • Three core principles of recruitment process
  • Changes in marketing & buying/selling process
  • Stages of recruitment process & delivery of information
  • Marketing messages and how to generate response


Who should attend?

  • Franchisors – Understand the role of your recruitment team, the challenges involved in recruitment and the elements required for a successful recruitment program.
  • Recruitment managers – Learn best practice across a range of recruitment activities, and improve methods for generating and qualifying franchise inquiries into sustainable relationships.
  • Management teams – Fully understand what a professional recruitment process looks like, your role in it, and how you can improve it.
  • Professional advisors – Learn the intricacies of one of the most difficult aspects of franchise growth to better understand and support your clients.


  • Detailed handouts 
  • Catering
  • Participation certificate
  • Personal action plan
  • 500 points towards the nationally recognised Qualified Franchise Professional (QFP)

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