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Ready to work for yourself and make a real difference, but finding something’s missing from all the opportunities out there? The Hub Care Support franchise could be the answer!

<strong>Ready to work for yourself and make a real difference, but finding something’s missing from all the opportunities out there? The Hub Care Support franchise could be the answer!</strong>

Roger & Joyce both come from medical and care backgrounds. Roger used to work for the NHS as a paramedic before moving into a number of private sector roles which culminated in him working on off-shore wind farms. Eventually, he decided he’d had enough both of being away from home so much, and of working for other people.

Joyce worked for many years as a support and care worker, and even as a self-employed Personal Assistant for a time. The couple’s experience meant they were both very well aware of the limitations of the mainstream UK care sector, and how desperately it is need of a new approach, so opening a business which could transform the lives of others, as well as their own, was the obvious next step.

However, they soon discovered that finding the right opportunity for them was lot harder than they expected.

“We went to a few franchise exhibitions,” Joyce told us. “We spoke to a lot of people, but it always seemed like something was missing, that you weren’t getting the whole truth about the business opportunity. They were only interested in getting us to join them, and we weren’t sure where we would stand with those franchises. With Hub Care Support, everything was very upfront and there was no hidden agenda.”

Here at Hub Care Support, the success of our services has always centred around recruiting exactly the right kind of people to work with us, especially when it comes to matching the right personal assistants to the right service users. That philosophy extends to how we run our franchise, too, and we aspire to the same high standards in recruiting partners as we do in delivering care. For us, that means fostering a relationship of trust and collaboration right from the very start.

We want our future partners to fully understand exactly what Hub Care Support is all about, and how it could work for them.

This proved to be a real deal breaker for the couple. As Roger explained:

 “Our expectations were well managed from the outset, and it was soon clear that this was the only franchise that fitted with what we wanted. James and Natasha were always very keen to answer our questions, and we even got the opportunity to speak to an existing franchisee. It was clear that you get the whole package with Hub Care Support. There was the training and support, the website, the recruitment platform. Absolutely everything was in place for us to get started from day one.”

We firmly believe that our success and that of our franchisees are one and the same thing, so we are fully committed to giving them everything they need to succeed in their new business. This includes our pioneering care model, and all the operational aspects that come with delivering an exceptional service, from recruitment and HR, through to marketing and accounts.

Based on our more than 10 years of experience in running Hub Care Support before we franchised, we have also developed our own bespoke IT package. This in-house system has been designed to help franchisees reduce the huge admin burden that often comes with work in the care sector, and streamline their business systems to allow them to operate at peak efficiency.

“It really is a very clever setup, and does everything for you.” Roger said. “Having everything there, integrated together – the phones, the software, all of the templates, forms, and PA information – is perfect. It’s almost idiot proof, which is probably just as well!”

We’re sure that Roger & Joyce will soon have the hang of everything and will be using it to their advantage, but we are also there for them anytime they need us. We’re ready to stand by our franchisees every step of the way as they take this exciting, new journey with us. 

“Hub Care Support always go that little bit further to help you.” Joyce explained. “They’re always there for you, no matter what issues you have. The level of support has been absolutely amazing.”

For Roger and Joyce, the Hub Care Support franchise was exactly the opportunity they were looking for to start an exciting and rewarding new family business.

Could you be next? Get in touch today to find out more.

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