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Recognition Express talks Olympic branding

As Olympic fever sweeps the nation, Recognition Express is warning local businesses who may be considering producing some last-minute promotional items to beware the potential minefield of Olympic branding in the modern age, where sport is big business and maximises its corporate sponsorships.

Nigel Toplis, managing director of the franchise, said: “People do not realise the danger zone they are entering when they are innocently holding mini-celebrations or designing material with certain imagery or phrases on.

“Under no circumstances can a business use the word ‘Olympics’, the five-rings symbol or the Games’ mottoes in their promotions. However, many people do not realise these conditions exist and could accidentally find themselves in hot water.

“That said, the games still offer small business owners a great opportunity to be creative without directly associating their company with the event; for instance, the Union Jack would make a perfectly good alternative theme for promotions if it were to be used alongside phrases like ‘support your country’, with no risk whatsoever of getting into trouble.”   

Recognition Express, which supplies badges, business gifts, plaques and promotional products, is urging people to look up the branding guidelines on the London 2012 website.

Nigel concluded: “Before producing your celebratory materials, please take time to check out the rules or consult a branding expert. This way you can support our team and avoid the risk of a hefty fine at the end!” 

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