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Recognition Express West Scotland celebrates 30 years of business

Ciorsdan bought the business with her husband Stephen eight years ago and since then they have seen it go from strength to strength, with the annual turnover increasing threefold.

Recognition Express West Scotland started by making just badges, but over the years their product range has expanded dramatically.

“Harry and Shonach can hardly believe all the things we can make now compared to how they started 30 years ago,” Stephen said.

Their Recognition Express territory is the biggest in the UK, stretching from Dumfries and Stranraer in the west to Falkirk, and also including the whole of Glasgow. Stephen said that among the reasons for the success of Recognition Express West Scotland is the range of products the business offers as well as their great customer service.

Stephen said: “I think it’s all about activity. We keep ourselves really busy, trying to give clients reasons to buy.

“You cannot wait for the phone to ring. We send clients new samples and visuals, they often like what they see and put in a new order.

“The first 30 years of Recognition Express West Scotland have been great; here’s to the next three decades.”

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