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Are you using the bfa to help you recruit?

Are you using the bfa to help you recruit?

As we near almost a year of on/off lockdowns and the new normal of face masks, social distancing and hand sanitiser, we have hopes of light at the end of the tunnel as the vaccine continues to roll out! 

We have heard so many stories from our members of challenges and hardships as they have continued to trade throughout this difficult time however, as we know the Franchise industry is a resilient one!  Some of our members have reviewed their models and to use the 2020 word of the year, ‘pivoted’ to offer a different product or service to their customers through their network of franchisees. 

We have heard positive and encouraging stories of recruitment in the pandemic, along with stories where recruitment has all but dried up!  The bfa continues to promote the concept of franchising as an option for those who find themselves at a career crossroads, this has been done in various ways. 

Keep calm and consider franchising  

Our ongoing campaign, that has engaged our community and seen multiple examples of people that have found a fabulous route for their future through franchising. Collectively we have provided an opportunity for people to get a feel for what franchising can do for people. Make sure you check out some of these amazing stories:

Keep calm & consider franchising video series 

This 9 part series saw the bfa’s Helen Thompson explore the journeys of franchisees who had found franchising after redundancy. 

new partnership with Working Transitions  

Providing their service users with advice on adapting through change, Working Transitions help people consider multiple opportunities for their future careers.  Together we will be running monthly workshops for their clients on the benefits of considering franchising as their next chapter.  We recently ran an afternoon of virtual workshops for an entire workforce facing redundancy at Honda Logistics, outlining the wealth of opportunities there are for them in the franchising arena.

Providing Prospects with the Tools for Franchising Success 

If you have potential franchisees in your pipeline who may be unsure about taking that leap of faith or are unsure about what franchising really means, please remember the wealth of tools that are available from the bfa.  

Franchising guides are written regularly for varying audiences and are all available in the member area for downloading should you wish to use them with your prospects. 

Ample content for you and your member colleagues are hosted on the bfa website, a fantastic place for prospects to get a feel for what franchising could mean for them. 

Prospective franchisee Certificates

The bfa’s Prospective Franchisee Certificate, a FREE video based distance learning course accessed via our website. This is a great way to sense check commitment to franchising and provide all of the insight for someone consider investing eyes wide open! 

Click this link to find out more: https://bfa.trainme.tv/

Buy a Franchise Seminars

Let’s not forget our monthly virtual Buy A Franchise seminars with industry experts offering advice and insight. These seminars have been industry leading for many years and are absolutely where prospects should be encouraged to look if they are thinking franchising might be for them. The aim being to provide a comprehensive overview and understanding of what it involves becoming a franchisee delivered in 2.5 hours! 

For dates and to find out more: https://www.thebfa.org/buy-a-franchise/

The message is – if you are looking to warm up a pipeline, or maybe have some prospects uncertain of their chosen route yet, you can use the tools and mechanisms we have provided to help. 

We are, after all, all in this together! 

The bfa team

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