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Sally Gunnell OBE supports Premier’s Wellbeing programme

On Tuesday 9th Jan, as part of National Obesity Awareness Week, Olympic gold medallist Sally Gunnell OBE was rallying schools to implement a healthy change in 2018, ensuring that children are receiving the vital food education they require while at school.

As a continued Premier Wellbeing supporter, Sally Gunnell was more than happy to represent Premier in the news. Sally is extremely passionate about family’s and children leading a healthy lifestyle, and believes food education should be mandatory in our schools.

As part of the campaign, Premier surveyed 1,000 parents, which highlighted the following:

  • Over two fifths (46%) of parents surveyed by Premier Wellbeing, find that a lack of time makes living a healthy lifestyle difficult for their family.
  • Almost a third (32%) blame the cost of healthy meals for the family and 1 in 5 (20%) blame their own careers and jobs.
  • Parents lack confidence as role models for their children when it comes to health and nutrition, with over a third (34%) of parents admitting that they don’t think or don’t know if they are good role models for their child
  • Surprisingly 1 in 5 parents said their child’s school doesn’t teach something related to health education, such as healthy eating or staying active.

Not only was Sally passionately encouraging schools to make a healthy change, she had some advice for parents too: “Join in with activities, like going for a run or playing on the trampoline. Plan meals – slow cookers are great for this. Be a great role model; lead by example. Make food choices a way of life – it’s about having a good relationship with food.”

The Sally Gunnell campaign was developed to raise awareness of Premier’s Wellbeing programme, incentivising leads for our franchisees to develop new relationships within their territories. Premier have also followed up with schools directly with social media and email campaigns, and a Wellbeing pack delivered to nearly 3,000 schools.

The campaign was a significant investment from Premier HQ for their franchise network. Through utilising world-class press contacts and ambassadors, Premier can deliver messages on a national, and global scale.

Sally Gunnell OBE representing Premier to promote healthy lifestyles and food education for children
Sally Gunnell OBE representing Premier to promote healthy lifestyles and food education for children

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