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Seniors Helping Seniors awarded ‘Against All Odds’ Award for dedication to real living wage against great adversity

Seniors Helping Seniors awarded ‘Against All Odds’ Award for dedication to real living wage against great adversity
  • Seniors Helping Seniors was awarded the prestigious prize for its commitment to the real Living Wage in the face of a generally low-paying sector

  • Seniors Helping Seniors has been leader within their industry, setting a new standard for employee welfare within the traditionally lower-paying Care sector
  • Seniors Helping Seniors has been committed to paying the real Living Wage rate in the UK since day one and became a Living Wage Employer in 2013

At last night’s Living Wage Champion Awards, Seniors Helping Seniors was recognised for its trailblazing leadership in advancing the real Living Wage within their sector, showing that not only is paying a real Living Wage in Care possible, but that doing so can help to change the industry as a whole for the better.

“The Care sector needed to an overhaul even before the pandemic. For us experience is everything and we have been willing to pay for it from day one in the UK.”  says Christian Wilse owner of Seniors Helping Seniors UK  “The average age of a care worker for Seniors Helping Seniors is 59.7 years. We pay well and we carefully support our carers in the flexible work they love to do. 

60% of our clients live with dementia but no two clients are the same, so we need all sorts of carers. Paying people well and supporting them to do amazing work is not only the only conscionable thing to do, we believe it is the reason for our company’s success.  We didn’t let anyone down during the pandemic.  Seniors Helping Seniors carers are stunning people and I speak for all our UK franchisees when I thank our carers and the Living Wage Foundation.” Christian says.

Laura Gardiner, Director, Living Wage Foundation, said: “Despite the challenges of the past 18 months, the Living Wage movement has never been stronger – we’ve continued to grow, welcoming our 7,000th employer, and tonight we come together to recognise some of the outstanding work these employers have done. The Living Wage Champion Awards 2021 are a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the importance of a wage that truly covers the cost of living and the value this provides for workers and businesses, and I congratulate Seniors Helping Seniors on their deserved award.”

The annual Living Wage Champion Awards celebrate notable employers that pay the Living Wage and this year they recognised 20 years of the Living Wage campaign. Last night’s awards were hosted by YolanDa Brown, well-known saxophonist, composer and broadcaster. The awards were sponsored by Aviva.

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Thomas Blin – thomas.blin@livingwage.org.uk / 07706 217589

Seniors Helping Seniors

Sally Wilse – Sally@seniorshelpingseniors.co.uk /01227 454 9000 (07802 229050)

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