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Seniors Helping Seniors improve their franchise offer to help new franchisees during the lockdown

Seniors Helping Seniors improve their franchise offer to help new franchisees during the lockdown

Seniors Helping Seniors has been described as perfect primary care and the award-winning service has been credited with taking the friction out of elderly care.

Thanks to the statistics about elderly care and C-19, homecare franchising has never been more essential.

As people worry about their job security, Christian Wilse, Owner and manager of Seniors Helping Seniors UK explains why he has taken the opportunity to make it easier for people without care experience to join the sector.

Unprecedented demand:

“We have faced unprecedented demand for our services. Seniors Helping Seniors tackles the two most important issues with an ageing population. Elderly care and jobs for people as they age. We exclusively and conscientiously tackle both issues which means every community needs a Seniors Helping Seniors, and now more than ever. The government invited us into their programme to support people distanced from work to provide ‘perfect primary care”.

Christian explains, “As lockdown eases, more families are choosing at-home care as their safest and cost-effective choice. Our terms of business are unique, fit for purpose for the care people need today and our processes appeal to customers. Flat fees are fair and our award winning customer service helps people budget for the future, so demand is through the roof”


As soon as the pandemic was declared the company did something very positive. They reduced the cost of their franchise for the uncertain times ahead. Christian says “We came to the UK to disrupt the care sector and we take every opportunity to be different. Reducing our fee and was the right thing to do to help people recover from the pandemic and we now provide hands on help for our new franchisees to start their business.”

Improved Franchise Package:

The new franchise package is available for new partners in the South East and East UK only at this time, enabling the company to establish a Seniors Helping Seniors in new territories in record time. The objective is for more communities to benefit from the jobs and outstanding elderly care they need.


Christian explains that he and his wife “invested in franchising ourselves for the first time after redundancy and our mission is to help people who are worried about jobs and long term security. We know how worrying job insecurity is and we know how it feels to have a sustainable, profitable business that does good.”

Franchising helps people start their own business. Really good people took a long hard look at what they are doing for a living during lockdown, other really good people are being laid off or made redundant so they have no choice but to make a change.

Christian says, “People want to take charge of their futures. Most want to use their skills to do good for others. 

We are receiving very strong candidates who have no prior experience in care which for us, is a perfect scenario”

The improved Seniors Helping Seniors franchise offer:

Seniors Helping Seniors new franchise package:

  • A Lower franchise fee. £20K reduced from £25K
  • Free website, localised
  • 10K leaflets
  • 500 Business cards
  • Free email address for a year
  • Phone answering service for 6 months
  • Social media marketing for launch
  • Help with Unsecured loans (HSBC)

Added to existing package which included

  • 5* Full and in-person training on every aspect of the business
  • Online training for the of lifetime of your business
  • In person support available for the lifetime of your business
  • Step by step manual to set up and run your business
  • Award winning CRM system
  • 24/7 access to crisis management
  • 24/7 access to press suite
  • Protected, exclusive and renewable area of the franchisee’s choice*

Benefits of Seniors Helping Seniors:

  • There is no selling involved in Seniors Helping Seniors
  • Profit is built on residual revenues
  • Overheads are very low due to the fact the services offered are out of scope for CQC regulators so there are no regulator fees and processes are time efficient
  • Referers include GPs, Charities, Ageing specialists, Other care companies, all other services in the elderly care sector
  • Streamlined and straightforward processes mean the margins are the highest of any care company
  • Un-paralleled and measureable social impact
  • Strong brand, independently owned. Seniors Helping Seniors processes were established over 20 years ago, they were not developed to be specifically recession-proof and certainly not for the pandemic, they were developed to do the right thing by people. All processes are straight forward to learn and we’re told the simplicity of everything we do is a breath of fresh air. Our processes are proven recession proof and pandemic proof globally as well as in the UK
  • Work from home
  • No prior care experience is needed everything you need is taught
  • We have zero problems finding hiring and retaining the best carers in every community.

C-19 results: 

Christian explains, “Our promises around providing the same carer to every client and our promise to every carer that they work when they want to and with one or very few clients is one of the reasons we achieved a reduced infection risk for our clients and our carers during Covid.

Care businesses do not usually work like this.  Most of what we do at Seniors Helping Seniors is different from other care businesses. Our achievements before and during C-19 are outstanding.

We repurposed some of what we do to address the needs in the community and essential visits. Some clients stopped their non-essential visits but others increased their visits. Business grew.”

Please note: Part of doing the right thing means paying a higher wage than the government and good policy makers (including The Living Wage Foundation) are advising. Every Seniors Helping Seniors partner is committed to valueing carers properly and to offering families totally outstanding elderly care at a fair price.

Who can apply? We are looking for ordinary people with extraordinary hearts to join our amazing team in the South East and East of England.

*Areas are Subject to availability and approvals

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