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Snap-on reflects on recent success and welcomes 12 new recruits

December 17, 2019

Snap-on Tools welcomed incredible 12 new franchisees to its 400+ strong nationwide network in the last three months. As the global tool giant approaches its 100th year in business, the brand looks excitedly to the future with its new cohort of franchisees. 

“We’re extremely proud of our continued growth,” says Lisa Law, National Franchise Manager. “We’ve been able to thrive for close to a century – an incredible feat. This is down to the hard work of everyone who works under the global umbrella of Snap-on Tools; from our amazing network of franchisees to our dedicated support, technical and sales teams across the world. We’re very excited to welcome our newest franchisees and look forward to helping them achieve their goals.” 

Amongst the new recruits is Jody Stevens, who has now purchased the Swindon-based franchise from his own flesh and blood. After working for his brother for more than five years, Jody decided he too wanted to take control of his own destiny.  

“My brother has been a franchisee for ten years, with a couple of territories in Wiltshire. I’ve been running one of his vans for five years and I’ve loved every minute! Don’t get me wrong, it’s busy and the hours are long, but as a former car sprayer, I get a real thrill out of selling the best tools in the business. I ’ve always strived towards becoming a franchisee in my own right. Jason has built a really successful business since becoming a franchisee so I guess you could say I wanted a taste of what that might feel like. I want a better future for my wife and my little boy and I’m confident that Snap-on can provide that,” said Jody. 

Unlike Jody, who comes on board with real, on-the-job experience, you don’t necessarily need a background in the motor trade to run a successful franchise with Snap-on. Thanks to an award-winning training and support programme, people from all walks of life are maximising their potential through good old-fashioned hard work and the determination to succeed. 

“We invest significantly into our comprehensive training programme, which sees new franchisees spending ten days at our specialist training facility in Dallas, before returning to the UK to collect their custom-built mobile store. We provide our franchisees with ongoing training and support to help them succeed. It’s all down to attitude and motivation – some of our most successful franchisees have never stepped foot in a garage, must less worked in one! We just ask for our franchisees to come to us with determination and passion – we can teach the rest,” said Lisa. 

As for Jody, he’s got big plans for the future: “I’ve already been out to Dallas for the franchisee training once, back when I started working for my brother, but this time it’s all about my own future. I can’t wait to combine my background with the brand with my new skills in marketing, finance and management. My long-term goal is to take on the rest of Jason’s remaining territories when he retires in four or five years, hiring an assistant to support me with operations. I can’t wait to see where my Snap-on journey will take me. It’s certainly going to be a good Christmas this year!” 

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