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South-East London female educator continues to inspire local students and community five years on

South-East London female educator continues to inspire local students and community five years on

This year, Greenwich-based businesswoman Amrit Rahi is celebrating her fifth anniversary with in-home and online tutoring company, Tutor Doctor. Using the pandemic to advance her operations, Amrit has established herself as an important part of improving the wellbeing of children and students in south-east London, as well as providing high-quality and personalised educational experiences.

At the beginning of the pandemic, a sudden and unexpected change in circumstances left Amrit very much fending for herself and her two children. However, with a strong female support network forming the majority of her Tutor Doctor team and operations, Amrit has been able to continue to provide education, employment and training to vulnerable young people that have come from backgrounds with unequal opportunities to establish a better starting point for their futures. And after five years and over 10,000 hours of tutoring, Tutor Doctor Greenwich, managed by Amrit, has certified its mastery status as a leading education provider in London.

Learning from personal times of hardship, Amrit is continuing to channel her strength and energy into ways in which children’s lives can be improved in the area five years on.

“In the face of personal adversity, I became really motivated to crack on and elevate Tutor Doctor to the next level. I’ve always had my brilliant team of passionate and caring women with me along every step of the way, which was even more important during the pandemic when we were ensuring Tutor Doctor became even more accessible to those who needed our services. The least we could do during the international crisis was to fill the education gap that had been exposed due to the pandemic. We were fortunately in a position to do so. Through elevating our services, we have been able to hit the ground running out of the pandemic, with our amazing community of more than 250 tutors taking on more responsibility and becoming key figures in the lives and wellbeing of children in our community.

“With this, I have also been able to devote my time towards my education consultancy role for Lambeth Council, which supports young people that are in care, by giving them a solid chance at reaching their full potential. I’ve devoted a lot of passion towards working with this cohort of young people that have begun with the least chances and have ultimately risen up to reach their full potential. My current role has even enabled me to help asylum seekers and refugees get into employment and help other vulnerable young people find apprenticeships and traineeships.”

Prior to joining Tutor Doctor in 2017, Amrit worked in youth services in Greenwich and Bexley where she did a whole range of jobs, including delivering extended school provision, delivering youth activities in areas of deprivation, managing youth centres, supporting voluntary sector organisations and much more. Amrit’s vast experience has enabled her to establish her Tutor Doctor business as the leading one-to-one education company in the area, supporting over six local schools and contributing to improving over 600 students’ education.

Tutor Doctor Greenwich has always been conscious of the community around them and have been actively involved in charity organisations. Recognising the challenges that everyone has gone through during the pandemic, this year they have continued their tradition of giving back, by donating a portion of their proceeds to MIND, a mental health charity. The company has celebrated going from strength to strength in five years, with the number of families and schools they work with almost doubling every year since they became established.

“Tutor Doctor has given me the opportunity that I was looking for. I love being able to see children and young people achieve their full potential in every way – whether it be academic or personally. Seeing results and making families happy is very rewarding to me. But not only that, it has enabled me to spend more time with my children. I regularly take my children to and from school, so it’s had an overwhelmingly positive impact on my family life too.”

Tutor Doctor Greenwich also covers Rotherhithe, Ladywell, Deptford, Woolwich, and surrounding areas. For further information about Tutor Doctor Greenwich and its tutoring services, please visit www.tutordoctor.co.uk/greenwich/

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