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Stagecoach network invests in franchisees mental health with launch of new programme

Stagecoach network invests in franchisees mental health with launch of new programme

Children’s services franchise, Stagecoach Performing Arts, has launched a new initiative to ensure that key members of the franchise support team are equipped with the skills to recognise the signs of poor mental health. This new mental health first aid awareness course was devised so that, no matter the struggles that a franchisee is facing, the support team is equipped to leap into action and assist.

“Now more than ever, we see such importance in putting the wellbeing of our network at the forefront of the business,” explained Andy Knights, CEO. “The last few years have been challenging for us all and we understand the pressure that our franchisees may be feeling as they navigate the new demands felt in a post-pandemic world. Our goal was to equip some of our support staff with the skills to recognise in franchisees the early warning signs that they may be struggling with depression, anxiety or the other conditions caused by mental health issues. The first aider is then able to take the next steps with that franchisee, referring them to a qualified specialist through MFHA England, the mental health first aid training organisation.”

“Launched to the network earlier this year, the training has proven invaluable in reducing the stigma and discrimination faced by those with poor mental health.”

Carol Newton, Group HR Operations Manager for Trafalgar Entertainment – the parent company of Stagecoach – took part in the training sessions late last year.

“I’ve worked with Stagecoach for 25 years and continue to be impressed by how innovative and ethical the brand is. I’m proud to have been equipped with these skills and feel confident in my ability to help others who really need it,” said Carol.

For more information about franchise opportunities with Stagecoach Performing Arts, visit https://stagecoachfranchise.com/

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