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Stagecoach takes franchisee training online

Stagecoach takes franchisee training online

Like so many other franchise brands from across the industry, children’s services franchise Stagecoach Performing Arts have adapted their franchisee training so that it can be completed online. However, their high-quality standard of training for new franchisees, usually delivered at their head office in Woking, has not been compromised. In November, the first cohort of new franchisees successfully completed the brand-new virtual training programme, with all three preparing to launch their franchises, or take over existing territories, this month.  

The new online training portal equips new Stagecoach franchisees with all of the necessary information required to run their franchise including marketing, systems, teaching programmes and much more. The training includes modules on flexible home learning, understanding the culture of the brand, a guide to striving to be successful and COVID-19 alterations and considerations.

Each delegate has assignments to complete, engaging videos to watch and a comprehensive library of resources, reading modules and quizzes. New starters can also ask questions and speak to the Stagecoach support team whilst going through the materials. The training provides a sound and solid starting point, even if it can’t be delivered face to face at the moment.

Even though instilling a sense of creative courage for life in their students is an obvious passion they share, the new franchisees who undertook the first round of virtual training actually come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Oxted franchisee Harrison Johns has experience in both franchising and the performing arts, whilst Farnham franchisee Becky Silverstein was originally a teacher and then manager at the franchise before taking it over. Patrick McIntyre, who currently runs a live music business, will be launching a new franchise territory in Weston-Super-Mare.

It is important to Stagecoach that no matter a new franchisee’s background and whether they are opening a new territory or taking over an existing franchise, they should feel fully supported as they begin their journey with Stagecoach. The transfer to digital training is something many businesses couldn’t have anticipated at the start of 2020, but Stagecoach has created a platform that lives up to the high standard of training new franchisees have always received.

Becoming a Stagecoach franchisee means having the autonomy of running your own business, but with the support of the Stagecoach team and brand name behind you. It is of the utmost importance to Stagecoach that they maintain the stellar quality of support that is synonymous with their brand name. Andy Knights, Chief Operating Officer, and his team have worked closely with franchisees to ensure they all feel valued and supported during their first weeks and months as a business owner.

“It’s been wonderful to see how well our new franchisees have been engaging with the digital platform. Becoming familiar with a new business model can be a very overwhelming undertaking so, with the added consideration of digital learning, it’s been incredibly rewarding to see how our franchisees have adapted to this so-called new normal. Our number one priority is to maintain the wellbeing of our network, so we will continue to develop this portal over the coming months in a bid to offer ongoing training to our franchisees from the safety and comfort of their own homes. The feedback we’ve received so far has been very positive, and we’re over the moon to welcome these new faces.”

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