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Standards in action – the value of being represented

Standards in action – the value of being represented

Building strong foundations

The British Franchise Association (bfa) has, over the years provided a fantastic foundation to change the face of business format franchising. Creating a community and environment rich with expertise, a strong professional advisor base that are well versed in the European Code of Ethics and the bfa owned, UK extension to the Code. A high quality and trusted educational portfolio which provides a valuable armoury to any franchisor that is keen to remain connected and informed on the evolution of franchising. We are proud to represent the most amazing and diverse of franchises, from household brands right through to start up franchise brands with unique and innovative opportunities to share.

Leading and serving with passion

You may not often see it, but behind the bfa brand are a team of people with a lot of love and admiration for the community in which we serve. It is this love that led us to creating a world leading accreditation process to support franchisors in the review of their operations. The same love introduced a pioneering international programme to assist brands looking to develop in the UK and further protect the UK from poor practices that may creep in.

Partnerships and collective ambition

To become a bfa member is to publicly commit to acting ethically at every turn when it comes to your franchise business and your franchisees. We will partner with you throughout your many years that you choose to franchise, and it is this partnership that will see the franchising industry, as a whole continue to build a positive reputation. Collectively there are huge opportunities for franchisors and franchisees but critically there needs to be a united central point from which trusted spokespeople, well-educated educators and consistent campaign messaging can be driven.

There are many initiatives that we are driving each year to connect, educate and promote the opportunities for all in the franchising community. All we ask in return is that you are able to commit to the ongoing partnership.

Thank you to the ongoing commitment of our engaged community

We would like to extend congratulations to our newly accredited members and many thanks to our existing members renewing their accreditations to keep on top of their franchise game. If you would like to find out more about joining the British Franchise Association, renewing your existing accreditation or about our activities representing the UK franchise industry please do contact us at mailroom@thebfa.org or call us on 01235 820470

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