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Stressed out teachers urged to consider franchise tuition

Stressed out teachers urged to consider franchise tuition

Ex-Headteacher and new First Class Learning franchisee explains why she left the profession in 2020 to ‘get her life back’ 

Stress, anxiety, and uncertainty are just a few words that an ex-Headteacher has used to describe how many teachers are currently feeling, and that the fear of not having a regular salary every month is the only reason why many more have not left the profession. 

Ex-Headteacher, Shazia Hussain, has worked as a teacher for over twenty years but decided during the pandemic that it was time to ‘get her life back.’  She says she knows ‘for a fact’ that many other teachers are exploring their options as morale continues to plummet, with thousands of exhausted teachers left complaining about feeling demoralised.   

Shazia, who is continuing in education and has recently launched her own First Class Learning tuition franchise in Cambridgeshire, explains: “I realised in the pandemic that it was time for me to gain my life back. To have some flexibility and time with my family while creating my own business that will pay me in my old age as opposed to a pension that I may not live to receive or may not be enough to live off. I started my First Class Learning business in October 2020, but as the country was locked down I officially kick-started my business in June 2021.. 

“I know for a fact that more teachers are exploring ‘other’ options and the pandemic has also spurred many on to do that. Many are sitting on the fence as they do not know what they can do next to compensate for their teaching salary. Teaching has been a monthly paying job for them and a source of security even if they do not want to stay on. Other options are on the minds of many but how to pursue and do, is another factor holding them back. I am currently studying for my doctorate and one area that I conducted some research on was ‘The Covid Story of Primary School Teachers and Leaders in the UK’, and the desire to step out of the profession is evident. Only the fear of the unknown is holding them back.” 

Shazia adds: “I personally feel life is too short to live it on someone else’s terms. I think everyone should self-assess their circumstances, career and self-worth and then decide what life should look like for them. This will enable them to set bigger goals and take massive action. If you believe you can achieve it, you can.” 

Ed Hyslop, CEO of tuition franchise First Class Learning, comments, “Teaching as a profession has been hit unbelievably hard by COVID-19 as teachers across all age groups, who were already under strain from increased bureaucracy, have been expected just to get on with it, against a backdrop of constantly changing guidelines and increasingly difficult working conditions. It’s no wonder that so many are now seriously looking at a career change. We have been inundated with enquiries from teachers who just need a change and see running their own tutoring business as a way of staying in education.  They can do this while utilising their skill set without all the worry and constant strain of being in a classroom every day. Being in the profession they know the demand and need is there for extra tutoring, parents want their children to catch up.” 

First Class Learning (FCL) is a highly successful education franchise specialising in maths and English. It is currently the UK’s fastest growing tuition business with 300 franchisee-run centres nationwide. First Class Learning is a tuition business, but what it is really selling is success; to students, parents, and franchisees. Core to its success is investment in people, with the franchise built on the mantra that no child deserves to be left behind.  

For further information please visit https://www.firstclasslearning.co.uk/own-a-franchise 

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