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Suit the City re-launch their environmental awareness campaign

After many years of fast, throwaway fashion, consumers are realising that this is not only wasteful of their money, but their shopping habit is literally costing the Earth.

Awareness of issues surrounding plastics and non-biodegradable substances is at an all-time high and people are becoming increasingly concerned that man-made oil-based products including polyester fabrics are polluting and poisoning wildlife.

In the light of this escalating interest, Suit the City have announced a re-launch of their public awareness campaign, highlighting the benefits of ‘slow fashion’ through their on-going social media campaign. The company continues to support ethical businesses through their choice of partners in their supply-chain, including promoting Scottish Tweeds and Yorkshire worsteds.

Managing Director, Carol Rawson says, “We are delighted that the public are starting to make the right choices when choosing their clothes, we have been promoting sustainable, natural products since we started the business in 2007 and explaining that you can be kind to the environment and wear good clothes!”.

Technical Director, Sallie Belton adds, “Our suits are made from wool, linen and cashmere – all natural and sustainable – sheep grow a new coat every year, the fur from wild goats is combed to produce cashmere, whilst linen grows out of the soil. All rot away when finally disposed of. The added bonus is that you aren’t killing creatures on the other side of the Earth!”

Carol Rawson, the Managing Director of Suit the City
Carol Rawson, the Managing Director of Suit the City

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