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Calvin Marketing is a full-service creative marketing agency with over 25 years’ experience in handling marketing campaigns covering PR, social media, advertising and strategic marketing for a wide range of consumer and business to business clients.

The range of skills and knowledge amongst the team is many and varied so we can help our clients achieve their business ambitions with the right blend of creative marketing.

We’re passionate about generating fresh, effective ideas, together with creative marketing and PR for our clients, and we keep abreast of the latest tools, trends and technologies to do so.

By having the best people and processes in place, we’re proud to deliver great quality work that exceeds our clients’ expectations.


We love franchises!  We have successfully been working with franchisors for over 10 years and as a result, have an in-depth knowledge of not only their business models, but of the marketing needed to support their network growth.

Not only this, but our expertise in franchising has ensured that we have excellent long standing relationships with the franchising sector, including industry bodies, media and exhibitions.  If your company needs to stand out from the competition, we can tell you exactly where you need to be seen and help you reach the right audience.

We currently work with five franchise companies, all at different stages of development, from start-up to mature.  Importantly, we also have a wide range of clients that aren’t franchises.  The variety keeps us energised, enthusiastic and passionate, enabling us to bring so much more experience and understanding of the commercial climate to our franchise clients.

Many of our clients think of us as their outsourced marketing department. We fit seamlessly into your organisation.  No matter how big or small, we create and support marketing strategies that work for our clients and use the best tactics to achieve results.

For our franchise clients we also support them with their franchisee recruitment, brand strategy, and work with their local networks, helping them to grow their businesses from launch to resale.

We can provide our marketing and PR services nationally, regionally and locally, whatever is needed to support the growth of your network.

  • Marketing support
  • Brand development
  • Digital content
  • Social media
  • PR & media relations
  • Crisis management
  • Drafting and submitting award entries
  • Advertising and creative design
  • Media buying

Our enthusiastic and professional approach permeates all aspects of the business and we are proud to enjoy long lasting relationships with our clients.

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