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eTalent removes the stress and effort of recruitment by bringing the power of psychometrics to your recruitment process.

Every recruiter wants to find people who best suit the job and their team, and reduce churn, costs and stress. For years we’ve sifted through CVs – sometimes hundreds per vacancy – trying to find that golden candidate. But have you ever had that nagging doubt that you might have missed out? Or worse, realised in hindsight that the person you hired bears little resemblance to their CV?

Our unique online recruitment software with integrated psychometric testing makes recruitment much easier, saves you huge amounts of time and ensures that you get to see the best candidates for the role. With our dedicated recruiting tool, you’ll generate more productivity and create happy teams that last.

So what exactly is eTalent?

It’s a Job Posting Tool – We will post your job advert on every major job board in the UK at the click of a button for one low flat fee.

It’s an Applicant Tracking System – Stop sifting CVs and use our powerful Qualification Question Screening to shortlist applicants who have the necessary skills, experience, knowledge, work permit etc. etc. and automatically, but politely, reject the rest. This will save you time and effort.

It’s a Psychometric Assessment – Our unique psychometric screening reveals the truth behind the CV; it’s a combination of personality assessment and behavioural profiling that delivers genuine insights into the candidate’s personality strengths and weaknesses, as well as their work ethic and workplace behaviour. Psychometric testing can tell you so much more about the candidate than an outdated and sometimes untruthful CV. Your shortlisted candidates will complete a tailored online psychometric assessment specifically designed for your vacancy which will identify whether they have the necessary soft skills or not. This enables our recruiting software to highlight unsuitable applicants and generate an ordered ranking of the candidates who best meet your criteria. It will even tell you how truthful a candidate has been in their responses.

It’s a Behavioural Profiling Tool – Every applicant can be asked to complete a DISC behavioural profile assessment. This will give you useful information about their behavioural strengths and weaknesses, how to manage and motivated them to best effect, how to communicate/not communicate with them, and their ideal work environment – all essential information for you to judge whether they will fit in with your team and company culture, and useful for on-boarding too.

It’s a Video Preview platform – We’ve even added the option to have applicants record a 2-minute video of themselves. Within the software, just select your preferred candidates and then invite them to record a video with a pre-scripted email.

It’s more than Clever Software – Recruitment is a people business and we will work closely with you to ensure you get everything you expect – and more – from the eTalent system. We have decades of experience in recruitment and we’ll be your trusted advisors throughout the process.


eTalent was created in 2010 by our founder, Nik Plevan.

Nik was responding to a request from one of his major retail clients to supply a system to identify specific soft skills in applicants for customer service and retail sales jobs. They had tried using stand-alone psychometric assessments but they found that they were inconvenient to use as part of the recruitment process, but above all prohibitively expensive.

The first version of the eTalent system was ready in 6 months, with bespoke psychometric assessments and a DISC behavioural profile all integrated within an applicant tracking system. The system was so successful that the company reduced their staff turnover by 30% in less that 7 months, saving approximately £100K net. As a result, work on version 2 started almost immediately and was completed 12 months later.

Nik’s vision for eTalent and our mission is –

“To bring the predictive power of psychometrics to every recruitment process while saving time, money and resources”

Apart from making sure that our psychometrics are constantly up-to-date and regularly re-validated, we are passionate about making sure that our software delivers exactly what we promise while keeping up with changes in the recruitment world.

Above all, we are committed to delivering value for money, as demonstrated by our low flat-fee unlimited use packages, Weather you are a small business looking to recruit a team member once a year, or a high-growth or his staff-turnover SME, we have a package suitable for your needs. However, one thing is universal in all our packages and that is our unlimited use promise – unlimited jobs, unlimited applicants, unlimited users – all for one low flat fee.

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