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Since 2000, Moneypenny has been supporting thousands of businesses across a range of sectors, by delivering brilliant customer conversations on their behalf and capturing every opportunity in the most cost-effective way possible. We do this by providing you with exceptional people who are superpowered by our gold standard technology, to manage your calls and live chat exactly as if based in your business – impressing your customers with every interaction.

Our scalable and tailored solutions are designed to grow and support your franchise network. From head office to individual franchisees, Moneypenny’s provision will allow you to:

  • Generate more leads & appointments
  • Boost new business conversions
  • Guarantee brand consistency
  • Deliver exceptional service day or night
  • Reduce operating costs


Telephone Answering 

We give you a lead Moneypenny Receptionist and supporting team, who are on hand 24/7 to manage your calls on an overflow or fully outsourced basis. They’ll handle calls according to your bespoke instructions – either transferring callers through or sending a message immediately by text or email. Becoming a seamless extension of your network, they’ll get to know your franchise and deliver conversations as confidently and knowledgeably as your in-house team whilst ensuring you never miss a call.   


Live Chat 
In exactly the same way we handle your calls, we offer you the very best agents and leading technology to look after chats on your website. Your professional, UK-based agents are available around the clock to manage some or all of your chats and send messages to your different teams (e.g. new enquiries to your sales inbox), ensuring a prompt response and turning your website into a tailored user journey for customers.   


Bespoke Customer Teams 
We handpick five, ten, even as many as thirty customer service agents to represent you 24/7 through omnichannel provision. Working exclusively for you, they’ll log into your own systems to answer calls and emails, respond on social media, manage your live chat, process orders, take payments and more. Your dedicated engagement team will save on recruitment costs, allow you to drive considerable innovation and efficiencies, and guarantee an exceptional customer experience. 


We’re integrated with all your software favourites too 

With the help of Zapier, you’re able to connect Moneypenny with your everyday systems, such as Calendly, Slack and CRM platforms like Salesforce, so your calls, messages, appointments and more can be seamlessly logged into your own software. We’re even integrated with Microsoft Teams, allowing us to access your employees’ individual availability statuses and transfer callers into the platform itself, mobile, office, laptop – wherever works!   


Exclusive offer for BFA members 

Experience the benefits Moneypenny will bring to your franchise first-hand with a FREE two-week trial of our Telephone Answering and Live Chat services – plus, you’ll receive discounted partner rates should you wish to continue with us afterwards. Talk to us today! 

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