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Telcoinabox has joined the bfa as Associate Members

June 26, 2019

Telcoinabox, a telecommunications company, has recently joined the British Franchise Association (bfa) as Associate members. After passing the bfa’s strict criteria and rigorous accreditation process, Telcoinabox can now enjoy the benefits of bfa membership. 

Zachery Crofts, Managing Director of Telcoinabox UK, says: ‘bfa accreditation is a major milestone for Telcoinabox in the United Kingdom. Passing the bfa’s in depth assessment of our model, which we have refined over the last 10 years, is a true testament to the success stories we have, what we have built and where we are headed. I very much look forward to seeing our current and future franchisee businesses going from strength-to-strength over the upcoming years’”

Who are Telcoinabox?
Telcoinabox has come a long way since its inception in Australia back in 2001 where four Entrepreneurs decided anyone with a landline and computer should be able to start a telecoms company. Since then, they have expanded and grown to have over 50 partners in the UK with more than 300 worldwide using their tried and tested model. 

Throughout the years, Telcoinabox has gained a range of prestigious awards and accreditations including a Comms Business award in 2016 and have just become fully bfa (British Franchise Association) accredited earlier this year. These accolades are vital in a world with poor levels of customer service & support for businesses from traditional Telecoms companies – this is where Telcoinabox comes in.

With their UK based in-house Technical Support, Provisioning and Billing teams, they can support all their franchisees’ customers. Telcoinabox brought their support inhouse after discovering the huge issue telecoms consumers experience with the largest telecoms providers is the poor customer service. Those consumers felt like they were just another number on a page. This is where Telcoinabox saw the challenges of consumers and took the opportunity to change and give consumers something they couldn’t get from the largest companies. 

Telcoinabox have evolved their support teams throughout the years until today where they repeatedly achieve excellent customer satisfaction, giving their partners the chance to thrive off the business created. Customer support has become direct and personal to everyone who calls in. 

Real Franchise Stories
Finding independence and freedom is important to Telcoinabox franchisees. When asked about how their life has changed since being a franchisee with Telcoinabox, one replied, “Two years ago, I was doing a hundred mile a day commute, working for a big company. Now, I work at home, I choose where and when I go, which meetings I have and consequently I get to spend a lot more time with my family”. Another said, “I have achieved a higher quality of life for me and my family by working with Telcoinabox, and that is really what it’s all about. Telcoinabox create the opportunity to achieve an improved work/life balance by allowing people to take control of their lives, schedules and become their own boss”.

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