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Telcoinabox welcomes new franchise amidst pandemic

Telcoinabox welcomes new franchise amidst pandemic

Jack Broom, Telcoinabox franchisee: “Due to the Covid 19 outbreak, despite my many successful years in the telecoms industry my business was suddenly experiencing considerable financial difficulties, I decided that we needed to diversify our service in order to gain residual and reliable income to really cement the companies sustainability in the uncertain times ahead.

The tried and tested business model that a franchise could provide appealed to me, I found Telcoinabox online and soon got very excited about the business model they could provide. I got in touch and was not only provided with a one to one no obligation presentation on the opportunity but once I had decided to take the leap and join, they took ownership of my business loan proposal to the bank and helped me secure my capital to invest.

Any opportunity that sounds too good to be true would naturally make one suspicious, but the fact that Telcoinabox were partners with the BFA reassured me that this was an ethical and standards based Franchise that I can build a lasting and profitable business with.”

Zachery Crofts, Telcoinabox, Managing Director said: “I am extremely happy to welcome Jack Broom on board who is a more than capable operator with massive opportunity at his door step – very excited to see his business flourish over the upcoming months and years.

We believe Jack making the decision to move forward with diversification of his business activity into a secure recurring profit model, is a testimony to our 10 year proven track record in the UK and a 20 year pedigree model starting in Australia.

The BFA have done an amazing job in supporting both Telcoinabox and Potential Franchisees to establish initial investigative discussions allowing both party’s decision making process easier.

No question that BFA Membership has been a enormous milestone for our operation while they continue to demonstrate the value they add each and every day.

We have many more Franchise Discovery discussions ongoing which I have no doubt will bare fruit for all those involved.”

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