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Territory Optimisation: A Better Way to Do Territory Mapping

Territory Optimisation: A Better Way to Do Territory Mapping

Franchise Owners want to be able to see quickly and easily the potential offered by each territory. At a glance they want to know how many customers, target homes or companies there are in each area and, if they can overlay this potential with the business statistics and demographic information for that area, they can clearly see the potential offered.

Welcome to Territory Optimisation from Tech4T.

Tech4T are experts in sales team and franchise territory mapping services and customised software. Our Territory Runner systems are used worldwide for improved sales planning and operations and franchise territory sales. We are also exceptionally skilled in merging internal company data with new demographic and business statistics so that the two can be blended together to give you the insights needed to drive your business forward.

As mapping systems become ever more sophisticated there is now no need to rely on spreadsheets or static maps for franchise and sales planning. Centralised and individual planners can carry out these tasks more easily with dynamic maps showing territory boundaries and ownership, customer and prospect data and overall customer “hot-spots” (ideal if “door knocking”). It’s also possible to:

  • Zoom into territories, view customer/prospect locations
  • Edit territory boundaries
  • View customer segments and the underlying demographics/business statistics
  • Easily share maps instantly with colleagues
  • View competitor and “points” data such as schools, health clinics, etc.
  • Select who to visit in close proximity to each other
  • Create weekly or monthly work zones

Tech4T can also test potential coverage scenarios for your consideration designing optimised territories with cost-effective territory mapping solutions with the data you need to do the work yourself or with us.  In short – we design the territories; you have a system to make any adjustments.So, if you need help grouping your customers into viable segments, identifying higher value types and geographic “hot-spots”, Tech4T’s analysis services will deliver the benefits you need.  For more guidance on planning with Territory Optimisation give us a call on 01733 890 790

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