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Tezlom Conference a success

Tezlom Conference a success

Every successful business knows that communication is key. Without good communication and feedback, there can’t be growth. This is why Tezlom runs two franchise-wide conferences each year.

Some might think that conferences can be considered to be dull – perhaps even boring, Tezlom aims to inspire individuals and give them the tools that they need to be successful. If attendees like Usha Ramdin are to be believed, Tezlom has once again been successful in their aims: “The recent Tezlom Conference in Milton Keynes was a really enjoyable experience which is a rarity – I mean, are work conferences meant to be enjoyable?!”

The most recent Tezlom conference took place in Milton Keynes on 26th January 2022 and was attended by individuals from across all of Tezlom’s established franchises. Not only is it an opportunity to hear from industry experts regarding changes and future trends, it offers attendees valuable insight regarding what has gone well across the company; recognising the successes and empowering each individual to give their best. For relatively new franchisee, Kevin Fitzpatrick, the conference was exactly what he needed to reassure him that he is on the right path: “As a newcomer to the business (on a full-time basis) it has really settled my mind and convinced me that I have made the right decision.

Highlights of the day included an introductory breathwork class at the start of the day and talks from guest speakers such as Danny Steel, who discussed the future of Rocket Software, and Pip Wilkins from the British Franchise Association, who discussed the role of the BFA within franchises and plans for the future. There was also an opportunity to recognise successes and achievements throughout the company with shout outs and recognition with Ryan Armitage.

One of the most exciting features of this particular conference was a company-wide announcement which came in the form of a talk by Jake Rigby. This was an opportunity to launch Tezlom’s new venture into permanent recruitment. Franchisees were given an opportunity to hear how the process will work, the support that Tezlom is putting into place in order to help each individual franchise. It was also a chance for franchisees to ask questions about the process and what it’ll mean to their businesses.

The day ended with a chance to enjoy each other’s company by enjoying a relaxed dinner together. Not only did this mean that everyone was able to unwind after a busy day, it also gave the opportunity to continue the networking and connection-building which had begun earlier in the morning.

With so many positives to come out of the day, it’s easy to see why the Tezlom conferences are considered to be a highlight in the year of franchisees. The countdown is now on for the next one.

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