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The bfa Congratulates Four New Qualified Franchise Professionals

The bfa Congratulates Four New Qualified Franchise Professionals

The bfa is delighted to congratulate Diane Vesey, Silviu Pop – Sylvian Care, Amy Thomas – McDonald’s and Darren Davies – Hutchinson Thomas Solicitors, who have recently been awarded their QFP.

“I am really delighted to have met so many great people during my QFP. I have been in Franchising for over two decades and I took so much from the course. New perspectives and thought provoking content. I highly recommend this course if you want to continue to learn and grow in Franchising.” – Amy Thomas, McDonalds’.

The Qualified Franchise Professional (QFP) is the formal recognition of professional knowledge and experience in franchising. It demonstrates that the individual understands the complexities of, and best practice in, franchising and have invested time to continuously develop their understanding.

The QFP involves engaging in several community learning and networking events followed by a final assessment, the Professional Dialogue.

This year the bfa has developed the QFP process to introduce learning cohorts, in which learners go through the QFP journey together, supporting one another through the year-long process. Find out about how you can start your QFP journey here.

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