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We want to lead the charge and influence change in UK franchising. It’s our goal to showcase the fantastic opportunities for businesses and individuals within franchising, and how these possibilities can positively transform people’s lives, no matter what their background or starting point may be.

Whether you want to set up your own new business through franchising, or you want to grow an existing brand by franchising to others, the BFA is your trusted partner. With our support you’ll get your ambitions off to the strongest possible start – and enjoy ongoing guidance and advice wherever tomorrow takes you.

Original and best

Since 1977, The British Franchise Association – The BFA – has become by far the largest and most influential trade association for franchising in the UK. What’s more, we’re also proud to be the only UK association working in partnership with the European Franchise Federation and World Franchise Council. In this way we can influence standards and franchise law across Europe for the benefit of our members.

We love franchising

We’re so proud of our industry’s strength, community spirit and the way it transforms people’s lives for the better. Many people use franchised businesses on a weekly or even daily basis, and don’t even know it! That’s why it’s our mission to promote franchising both nationally and regionally. We’ve created a platform to promote our members’ success, share their expertise and highlight their stories.

Treating everyone fairly

Like any other business model, franchising can be at risk of unethical practices. Our team, working with our legal professional advisors, are here to stamp that out. We’re committed to driving forward a franchise sector with ethical business models and sustainable business opportunities for all.

A wealth of knowledge

Our Academy education resources are here to help you make properly informed decisions throughout your franchising journey.  You’ll find specialist events, seminars, informal networking, bespoke workshops and e-learning courses to get your questions answered. Working with our industry experts we’ve also developed the Qualified Franchise Professional (QFP) training for members who want to take their expertise to the next level.

Discover Your Tomorrow

The BFA team are proud to support you and your business

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