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The bfa meets Agnieszka, a franchisee of Lingotot

The bfa meets Agnieszka, a franchisee of Lingotot
Tell us a little bit more about yourself

I am Polish and have been living in the UK for 21 years. I have an MA in Women Studies from the University of York. Currently, I work part time as a Support Manager at the University of East London, and home-educate my four-year-old daughter Annabelle. We try to follow Montessori education at home but I often find myself mixing it with other educational methods.

Where did you hear about Lingotot?

Learning foreign languages is extremely important in Poland and in other European countries. It gives children and adults many fantastic opportunities to study and/or work abroad. I have always wanted Annabelle to be multilingual. We follow an OPOL method at home where my British husband speaks only English to our daughter and I speak Polish to her. When Annabelle was around three years old, I started looking for toddler German classes. I found out about Lingotot from the Internet and I attended a couple of French tester classes to see what it was like before switching languages. Then suddenly everything changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. All children’s activities moved online. As I had been following Lingotot on Facebook for some time by then, I quickly found out that all Lingotot classes were also moving online. I was absolutely over the moon that Annabelle finally would be able to be introduced to German, and with Lingotot!

What attracted you to their classes?

Although we were mainly looking for German classes, I learnt during the two French classes we attended when Annabelle turned three that I absolutely loved the structure of teaching at Lingotot. I found it engaging and fun for all – parents and children. I knew that if we could book a Lingotot German lesson we would definitely sign up.

What is your favourite thing about Lingotot classes?

Our favourite thing about Lingotot must be Katrin from Lingotot Winchester. We love her to bits. I think Katrin was born to be a child educator. We have been attending her weekly German classes for a year now and we hope to continue for as long as she stays online. What I also like about Lingotot is its history and how it has come to be. The Lingotot founder Angela is so approachable and always willing to follow up on various enquiries – mine was about the Lingotot Book which was not available on Amazon when I wanted to buy it.

Would you recommend Lingotot to friends?

I recommend Lingotot to everyone who is looking for toddler language classes or/and children’s activities. I have shared the Lingotot website with many other mums from my Montessori and toddler groups. I am a firm believer that children before they reach their 6th birthdays are like sponges. They can learn multiple languages without any effort. Lingotot classes give a fantastic opportunity to expose our children to foreign languages. It is then up to us to nurture their interest.


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