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The bfa & SocialHANDLER – ‘Putting Franchising on the Map’

The bfa & SocialHANDLER – ‘Putting Franchising on the Map’

The bfa is increasing its promotional activities in 2021 and has identified a solution and partner to support the widescale role out of educational franchising messages.

We are all very aware that now is a fantastic time for people to consider franchising, with more people than ever looking to pastures new. The challenge is ensuring they find franchising and understand that business format franchising offers more security than some other business models under the same name.

Brand Franchising is Born..

What is the project and what is in it for members?

The BFA PR & comms team will design bfa endorsed franchise promotion and educational social media campaigns exclusively for members and, through SocialHANDLER, will forward well-crafted posts as a service.

Participating members can easily publish the posts they receive and approve via SocialHANLDER. This is a fast, easy, and effective way to get great content into your own brand’s social media pages. This is also an effective way for us to collectively reach as much wider audience on the topic of franchising.

The bfa team will be running the first project using this platform in conjunction with the balance campaign to identify impacts ahead of full launch in April.

Nick Strong, MD of SocialHANDLER said, “We are really excited to be working with the bfa on this important project for members. Working with the community to amplify ‘Brand Franchising’ is what SocialHANLDER was built to accomplish”

Pip Wilkins, CEO of British Franchise Association added, “The bfa was created to support the representation, education and promotion of ethical business format franchising. It is critical that a ‘one voice’ approach to these factors sits at the heart of our industry. The collaboration with SocialHANDLER is an exciting development that should see the bfa and its members work together to reach many more people than any one of us could do alone.”

If you are keen to be an early supporter for ‘putting franchising on the map’ please contact press@thebfa.org and we will provide you with the information to get involved.

To find out more about SocialHANDLER visit their web listing.

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