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Glisten & Give Gala (the end of year after party!)

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On 7th December we hosted The Glisten & Give Gala (end of year after party) in support of The BFA Trust. This event was more than just a party; it was a celebration of all the incredible achievements in the franchising community throughout 2023. A chance to make a difference by supporting The BFA Trust while bringing together like-minded individuals for a night of celebration and networking. 

The venue was transformed by The Christmas Decorators, providing perfect backdrops for photos with friends and colleagues. 

A huge thank you to, our generous sponsor, for ensuring an abundance of food and drink, so our guests didn’t have to worry about a thing. A charity auction took place during the evening in support of The BFA Trust, for more information on The BFA Trust, see below.

The BFA Trust Events

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The BFA Trust


The BFA Trust is committed to providing access to franchising information, education, and opportunities for individuals who might face disadvantages due to various factors. The Trust’s Mission is to ensure that these individuals are not prevented from seizing franchising opportunities, allowing them to achieve self-advancement beyond circumstances outside their control.


The Trust’s Vision is a franchising world where everyone, regardless of age, educational background, social circumstances, military service, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or disability, has equal access to the benefits of franchising. They aim to break down barriers and open doors for all who aspire to enter the world of franchising.


Service: To serve individuals within or considering the franchise community, expecting no personal benefit in return.

Integrity: The Trust and its Trustees are unwavering in their commitment to the Trust’s charitable goals.

Utility: The Trust openly engages in activities that deliver significant and perceived value to intended beneficiaries.

Transparency: The Trust will openly share the origin and allocation of the Trust’s funds and details of individuals involved in its work (within the bounds of data protection laws).


Young people: To create and provide apprenticeship schemes and access routes tailored to individuals under 30, equipping them for employment in franchised businesses or franchise ownership.

People of later age: Establish entry routes to franchising for individuals over 55 who may have faced redundancy or unemployment.

Educational and social disadvantage: To research and address the needs of individuals who possess the personal characteristics for franchising but are hindered by their educational attainment or social circumstances. The Trust will develop accessible remedial programmes to overcome these barriers.

Military and other state service: Support men and women transitioning from service by helping them assess the suitability of self-employment through franchising, providing comprehensive training, and offering access to franchised businesses.

Ethnicity and sexual orientation: Research underrepresentation of ethnic minorities, women, and individuals in the LGBTQIA+ communities within the franchise community. The Trust will identify underrepresentation origins and take action to correct it.

Disability: Research the representation of disabled individuals in the franchise community and develop access routes for those with the capacity to succeed, engaging the franchise community in the process.

Offender rehabilitation: Examine barriers facing those with a history of community punishment or custodial sentences, aiming to open access to specific qualifying groups through positive actions.

Supporting programmes: Support the preceding seven goals by providing educational programmes, encouraging research into franchising, facilitating the sharing of franchising know-how with charitable social enterprises, and becoming a centre of excellence in franchising systems.


The BFA Trust was initially funded with £5,000, generously donated by the British Franchise Association in June 2011. We continue to seek funding through grants, endowments, donations, and pro bono expertise to support the Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals.

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