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The Granite & TREND Transformations Franchise : understanding the nature of success

The Granite & TREND Transformations Franchise : understanding the nature of success

Everyone talks about success and how to achieve it, like success is some sort of shining goal where you will one day be able to sit and say “Aha! I’ve made it!”. That’s why we see so many books and self-help guides promise to tell you how to get there. If it was that easy, we’d all be doing it, right?

Our experience of running the Granite & TREND Transformations franchise tells a very different story about the nature of success. It is all too easy to just look at the bottom line – how much money is made, how many awards you’ve won – those are important markers but there is a whole lot more to it than that.

We’ve found that success is not something you achieve, it’s something you work on every day, no matter how advanced you think you are on your journey. It requires constant attention and it isn’t always about reaching a destination.

That’s because success isn’t an end goal, it is a process.

You’re never done. You’re never there. It’s about always looking ahead and putting yourself on the right path.

Even though we are now one of the world’s leading home improvement franchises, we’re still learning this lesson every day. Granite & TREND Transformations is a very different company now compared to when it started 25 years ago, we’ve never stopped striving to improve what we offer both our customers and our franchisees.

Constantly Evolving

We decided long ago that we didn’t want to be one of those companies that offers a set package that never changes. For this reason, we have made innovation, research & development, and above all, creativity the very heart of everything we do. We have a blueprint for our franchisees to build their own home improvement business but our model is always being perfected and improved upon.

Like any other franchise, we are looking for the brightest and best to join us, to help drive our brand forward. Again, it’s back to success being a process – the more talented people we attract, the better our brand becomes and the more high calibre franchise partners we enlist. This is why we are always listening to our franchisees, encouraging them to become part of the process and why we always aim to hire the very best personnel we can find for our franchise support team. After all, a successful franchise is a two-way street!

Adding Value

We’re constantly developing new products so our franchisees can adapt to changing consumer trends and even introducing entirely new concepts to the market so our partners can always stay one step ahead. A few years ago we signed an exclusive partnership with Microban® to include their ground-breaking anti-microbial protection in the manufacturing processes of our etherium® by E-Stone surfaces. By partnering with the biggest names in the industry, we not only keep our brand relevant to our customers but continue to build this culture of success and innovation that always drives on to bigger and better things.

Therefore, the business that our franchisees buy today will not be the same as the one they might sell on in 10 years’ time – it will continue to evolve and as a result, the brand will always continue to appreciate in value.   

As a franchisor, having developed a strong offering, it would be all too easy to allow your business simply stagnate. At Granite & TREND Transformations, we believe in creating and driving a culture of innovation and progress.  You have to be willing to embrace development,  “Join us on a journey and be a part of our ongoing success”. With the right attitude, you’ll both be pleasantly surprised where it can take you.

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