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The importance of brand value

Emily Price QFP, bfa Head of Operations

Facebook, Lego, Apple and Disney, these are all businesses that significantly increased their brand value in 2016. So what are they doing that sets them apart from their competitors?

In times of fast paced change businesses are under serious pressure to win the trust and loyalty of consumers. The fight for market share can be won through various strategies;

  1. Investment in research and development to be the first to launch innovative products that people want and need in today’s world.
  2. Focus on customer experience and become a brand that people want to associate themselves with and enjoy doing business with.
  3. Be engaged with your target market at all times, taking the view that in order to effectively promote you need to be alongside your audience, participating in their conversations and adding value to their lives.

Whatever the strategy, it is imperative that as a business you do not stand still, continual evolution is a necessity in today’s business world. Brand perceptions are critical to success, you could have the most amazing business model in the world, but get the brand wrong and you will struggle to attract the custom.

If you are keen to find out how your brand perception fairs and what you can do to change it, we have a solution for you.

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