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The Kleaning Company helping businesses clean up

The Kleaning Company helping businesses clean up

The Kleaning Company started life in early 2012 with just one client, one vehicle, some basic equipment and a small group of like-minded, hard-working people.

Today, they have grown ten-fold and are extremely proud to call some of the UK’s largest construction companies as clients as well as many smaller more specialist contractors that they continue to work for, project after project.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 The Kleaning Company has been inundated with inquiries about their decontamination service. So they’ve made a short film to demonstrate what they do and how they make workspaces safe.

Dan Twiselton, Managing Director of The Kleaning Company explains:

“Let’s start with the equipment; this is the Cobra 2680 cold fogging machine. Essentially it breaks liquid down into tiny particles of around 20 microns meaning the chemical will remain airborne far longer disinfecting airborne contaminants as well as hard surfaces.

The chemical we use is hydrogen peroxide known to kill 99.9999% of viruses including COVID-19.

“When used with our fogging machines it produces a dry mist safe on all surfaces including electrical equipment. Areas can be reoccupied normally within one hour. To check areas are safe to re-enter we use these, H2O2 gas monitors. We then have our PPE (personal protective equipment); disposable body suits, gloves, boots and most importantly, full face masks.

To book a cleaning please call 0800 689 9302 or visit our website: www.thekleaningcompany.co.uk/contact-us/

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