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The Wheel Specialist bounces back with new technology and record results

The Wheel Specialist bounces back with new technology and record results

The Wheel Specialist is looking for new franchisees to benefit from a surge in business and the introduction of new technology that delivers a safer, faster and greener service.

“July saw a huge post-lockdown bounceback with our customer numbers up 13% over July 2019. It was our best month ever with a 10.3% increase in business on our previous best month across the franchise,” says Jack Murphy, managing director of The Wheel Specialist, which is the UK’s leading alloy wheel refurbishment company.

Caroline McVey, who with husband Eddie owns The Wheel Specialist franchise in Burnley Ribble Valley, confirms: “The first four weeks after re-opening we were absolutely run off our feet. It was the busiest month we’ve ever had.

“At first the lockdown closure was terrifying but we got great support from head office and we still had leads coming in from The Wheel Specialist website.

“I think furlough meant people who could not go on holiday decided to spend the money on their cars instead. Others, who were planning to change their cars, decided on a wheel refurbishment instead.

“They also had the time to research the best deals online, so as soon as we reopened they brought their cars in for the work to be done.”

Safer, faster processing

During lockdown The Wheel Specialist introduced its new Contactless Customer Processing System (CCPS), a smartphone-based method of processing a customer’s job from start to finish. CCPS cuts paperwork, eliminates the need for any physical signatures and reduces person-to-person exposure.

Jack says: “Our franchisees say it is fast, easy to use and creates a more user-friendly customer experience. It also increases traceability, which helps with quality control and customer service.”

The Wheel Specialist has been franchising since 2007. It has a premises-based business model, and franchisees benefit from multiple income streams – trade and private – which makes it a resilient business whatever the state of the economy.

Jack says: “We are increasing the pace of our franchisee recruitment to open six to ten new centres a year from 2021 onwards, so we are looking for management franchisees with the skills to run a team of technicians and deliver exemplary customer service.

“We’ve got the customer demand, a proven business model and the technology to ensure expansion – now all we need is your ambition and energy too.”

Investment typically totals £160,000, but you can get started with just £60,000 as funding for the rest is available, subject to status. The model is proven to be able to deliver £150,000 annual income per unit once established.

To find out more call George on 01564 784991 or email Opportunities@tws-lfc.com

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