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Theatre school franchise offers the gift of confidence

Theatre school franchise offers the gift of confidence

The last two years have been tough on children and young people. The closure of schools, the daily disruption to life and the stopping of many of their favourite activities, has impacted many families.

Even children that have not experienced significant mental health issues have reported a loss of confidence and self-belief. Razzamataz Theatre Schools is a nationwide franchise network, teaching thousands of children and teenagers. Many of the franchisees have noticed a change in their students; for the younger ones, they are reluctant to leave their parents and start their independence and for the teens, a significant loss of confidence.

“It is no surprise that the lockdowns have impacted children and young people, but we are very aware of what we need to do as a theatre school franchise to build back the loss of confidence that they have experienced,” says Denise Hutton-Gosney, MD and Founder of Razzamataz. “All of our Principals and teachers are highly skilled and experienced and will be using performing arts to engage and communicate with children to increase their self-confidence, which will ultimately help them to reach for their goals and achieve their dreams.”

In recognition of this change in circumstance, Razzamataz is offering the chance for family and friends to purchase vouchers to attend sessions at their local Razzamataz. “We are offering family and friends the chance to purchase the ‘gift of confidence vouchers’ to introduce young people to the many positive effects of performing arts.”

Performing arts has been attributed to teaching many life skills, especially important for growing confidence. For the youngest children, much of their life has been spent in lockdown so the emphasis is on building friendships, being physically active, starting to be independent and self-expression. As children get older and become teenagers, there are different pressures and worries, which can be managed through the life skills that come from participating in performing arts.

“Improved presenting techniques, learning to be resilient and a freedom to be an individual are all key skills that children will learn while at Razzamataz,” says Denise. “Through having fun in dance, drama and singing lessons, the students are improving their communication skills, which will be needed in college and the workforce. We will help all students reach different milestones, which will improve their confidence in their own abilities. There’s a real emphasis on teamwork and collaboration in performing arts, which is hugely important for young adults today.”

Friends and families can purchase the vouchers from their local Razzamataz school, for any amount that they wish. This is an excellent opportunity for children to experience performing arts or for existing students to try the additional classes or purchase Razzamataz merchandise.

“We have hundreds of testimonials from families who have seen huge changes in their children since sending them to Razzamataz,” adds Denise. “Children and teenagers often find it is easier to communicate their feelings through activities rather than talking. Performing arts gives them the opportunity to do this and certainly helps them make sense of the world and their place in it.”

Typical testimonials include one from a student at Razzamataz Maidstone: “I thought I would drop a message to say that Razzamataz has saved me. When I had a rough patch with my mental health, Razzamataz picked me up and made me feel like there was a place where I belong. The support is brilliant and I’m really grateful for that. Now I would say my mental health has never been better.”

Razzamataz is committed to ensuring the wellbeing of its students, teachers, staff and franchisees. The support and training received by every franchisee enables them to feel confident and committed to the launch and growth of their own school. Although Razzamataz franchisees come from all walks of life, they all share a commitment to improve children’s lives through performing arts.

Find your local Razzamataz: https://www.razzamataz.co.uk/schools/regions/

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