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Time to Start Thinking About a Positive Change?

Time to Start Thinking About a Positive Change?

With the new year etching ever the closer, isn’t it time for you to start thinking about the new you?

2020 may not have been as we all planned but for many it has inspired us to pursue opportunities that we previously would have let slide away.

Many have a dream of independence and having a business of their own but some lack the confidence to do this independently. Maybe it’s a change of sector or the fact you may not have ever owned your own business. Have you ever thought about exploring franchising to achieve your personal ambitions and are you aware of the concept of franchising?

A franchise is a business that is owned by an individual who has a contractual agreement in place with a franchisor. This agreement enables the franchisee access/use the franchisors trademark, systems, processes and certain elements of support to enable them to grow a business for themselves but not by themselves.

Franchising has shown itself to be both a resilient and adaptive industry with less risk of business failure.

Kare Plus is a brand with 30 years’ experience within the healthcare sector and ten years’ experience of being a franchise. We have awarded our franchise to 40 successful applicants over the last few years, so contact us to see if our next award could be you.

To find out more contact franchising@kareplus.co.uk. or Click Here to contact our team today

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