Franchise Training Academy

There are many reasons why we offer training through the bfa Training Academy and bfa affiliated training providers.

These include:

  • Industry-wide recognition

  • Increased franchising knowledge

  • Improved business effectiveness

  • Demonstrable competitive edge

  • Increased value to your business

  • Enhanced career opportunities

The bfa has training opportunities avaliable for franchisors, professional advisors, franchisees and members of the public looking to engage with franchising. Please find out more below:


Qualified Franchise Professional 

The Qualified Franchise Professional (QFP) is a nationally recognised qualification demonstrating professional knowledge and experience in franchising. It has been specifically developed for people working within the franchise industry who want to demonstrate their experience, understanding and ethical approach to franchising.

Unlike membership of the bfa, the QFP is specific to an individual and not to a company. It’s a recognition of a personal level of commitment, time and continuous professional development by a member of the franchising community.

Click here to discover more about becoming a Qualified Franchise Professional.


Prospect Franchisee Certificate 

The Prospect Franchisee Certificate has been developed to give you the knowledge you need to make the right decision before you start a franchise. It’s a free, online and video based course which you can complete at your own pace, module by module.

The franchise model of ‘self-employment with support' is home to thousands of stories of people successfully transforming their lives by going into business. By taking this course and gaining a comprehensive understanding of that model, you’re putting yourself in the best possible position to join them in transforming yours.

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 Prospect Franchisor Certificate

 The Prospect Franchisor Certificate has been developed to prepare you for all aspects of franchising your business. It’s a free, online and video based course which you can complete at your own pace, module by module.

 Developing your business through franchising can provide growth that you couldn’t even dream of through growing organically, but it is not an overnight process. It is vital to plan the process properly, get the right   professional advice and have the right support and finance in place to see it through. If done properly this could be one of the most successful strategic decisions that your business makes.

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Educational Seminars 

The franchising industry has grown significantly over the past 40 years and the bfa’s role remains to ensure that it retains its ethical approach, commitment to best practice and robustness – even in the toughest of economic climates.

As part of the association’s educational role, it runs these franchise seminars to provide information and advice to businesses wanting to franchise or people considering joining a franchise.

Our main goal is to protect and strengthen the franchising industry in the UK, so it is just as important to help you decide whether franchising is right for you as it is to help you realise if it isn’t.

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