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Tutor Doctor franchisees tap into booming tutoring industry

June 24, 2019

More than ever, people are looking to invest in the education sector because they recognise the longevity of the industry, the potential for growth and, in many cases, the ability to make a very real difference in children’s lives. The UK tutoring market was estimated at almost £5 billion in 2018, so now is a good a time as any to invest. 

Chris Grimsdick & Training Class

And the sector continues to boom. In the present day, 25% of households in the UK use a private tutoring service, and 30% of 11 to 16-year old’s benefit from that – making it easy to see why people are beginning to see the potential for building a profitable business. 

Since Tutor Doctor ventured across the pond from Canada in 2009, they have continued to pave the way for raising awareness around the importance of tutoring. The UK is now home to more than 70 franchisees and that number is steadily rising. One new franchisee who seized the opportunity to invest into the lucrative industry was Chris Grimsdick. 

Chris had been working in the children’s toy industry for over 15 years, when the chance to leave meant he could look for something new. He visited a franchise show and found that Tutor Doctor could deliver the life that he’d been searching for. 

I knew that I wanted to run my own business, rather than always building something for somebody else. I love Tutor Doctor’s in home, personalized approach to learning and I strongly identified with their goal of enriching children’s lives through education,” he explained.

Many franchisees, like Chris, have never had their own business before and new Tutor Doctor franchisees embark on their training to equip them with all the knowledge for when their business is up and running. Tutor Doctor University includes 80-hours of online training before spending a full week in Canada’s Home Office, where franchisees learn from the expertise of the support team. 

“The training was fantastic. I’d spoken to franchisees before and they’d all said that it was good. It’s something that I can attest to. It covered every area that I would need, including sales, marketing, consultations and recruitment and it gave the confidence in getting the business ready for when I get back to the UK.” 

Once the new recruits arrive home, they’re actively supported by a Learning Support Specialist (LSS) who works closely with them for their first year. After that time, franchisees can opt-in to receive business coaching or take part in a sales support programme to lead them through the next stages in their franchise life. Chris launched his Thame office in May 2019 and already has his plans for the future. 

“I’m looking forward to delivering the promises that have been made, not just from Tutor Doctor but the ones I’ve made to myself too. I’m hoping to see the same sort of impact in children’s lives that I got from my previous business.” 

Frank Milner, President of Tutor Doctor, concludes: “The education industry can be as personally rewarding as it is professionally. It’s a unique landscape to work in. Knowing that you’re making a difference and empowering future generations is something very special indeed. With commitment, skill and the support of a great franchisor, there’s no telling what you can achieve.”

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