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Two new Tutor Doctor franchisees invest in children’s futures

Two new Tutor Doctor franchisees invest in children’s futures

As students across the country go hurtling towards sitting classroom tests, savvy business owners are recognising the potential in extra-curricular support. Tutoring franchise Tutor Doctor welcomes two new faces to their ever-growing UK network, both desperate to provide a solution to parents’ problems nationwide. Adie Twining and Dave Simkin are the latest franchisees to launch their businesses and are more than ready to positively impact their local areas. 

After finishing their virtual training at the beginning of May, Adie and Dave are well equipped to begin their journey to the heart of their communities. With the know-how to get going, Adie has launched his business in the south of England, covering Salisbury and Southampton. He previously worked for a large multi-national company, designing and implementing franchising growth strategies – now, he’s swapping his life to take it on from a franchisee’s perspective.

“I’ve always admired Tutor Doctor from afar,” explained Adie. “With an outstanding reputation for innovation, as well as supporting franchisees and delivering excellence, the franchise was an easy choice when it came to launching my own business. From my first proper contact with the brand, it was immediately clear that these elements had been established so perfectly. 

“I was equally impressed by the sense of community among the franchisees and eagerness to support each other, even during a time when they couldn’t come together in person. Combining the knowledge I learnt from training with my past experience and the expertise of the rest of the franchisee network, I know I’m in good stead to create a successful business.”

Despite what people might believe, tuition continued to boom throughout 2020, right up until the present day. In fact, Tutor Doctor franchisees delivered tens of thousands of tutoring hours to students across the UK – it’s no wonder people are recognising the potential to be had as the country emerges from the national lockdown. The same enthusiasm is echoed by Dave Simkin, who launches his tutoring business in Witney. 

“Irrespective of COVID, I see a growing need in the UK for additional support for students, as teaching classes seem to be getting bigger and are under more constraints than ever before. Tutor Doctor provides a supplement to classroom learning, and this level of support is something I would desire for my son when he reaches school age. 

“I think I speak for every franchisee when I say it’s my goal to assist students in achieving their goals and making a difference. I’m now in the position to do just that and make a change for the better.” 

To add to the celebrations, Tutor Doctor was Highly Commended in the Best Children’s Services & Education Franchise at the 2021 Global Franchise Awards. After a momentous year, Tutor Doctor’s President, Frank Milner, is proud to see the demand continuing from both a client’s and franchisee’s point of view.

“There is absolutely no denying that the past year hasn’t been without its challenges,” said Frank. “However, seeing individuals still investing in our services makes up for those times. Like every other business, we’ve been tested, but we’ve come through it stronger and ready to drive forwards. With the award commendation behind us and the inevitable attention from parents during the last academic term, we’re even more committed to our mission of changing the trajectory of children’s lives.” 

For more information on how you can follow in Adie and Dave’s footsteps to tap into the potential of tuition, visit https://www.tutordoctorfranchise.com/united-main

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