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Unlocking a new market during lockdown

Unlocking a new market during lockdown

Although the university market was already full of business potential for the logistics sector, it wasn’t until an urgent need arose that their accommodation teams opened up the opportunity for suppliers like PACK & SEND to provide a solution.

When COVID-19 lockdown measures forced students to return home without the majority of their possessions, PACK & SEND jumped in to ease the stress.

With their innovative packing and forward-thinking shipping solutions, franchisees offered easy and convenient answers to students and their stranded possessions. Whilst franchisees ensured students’ belongings would be dealt with safely and securely, the response they received from students and their parents was phenomenal. CEO of PACK & SEND UK, Mike Ryan, discusses the overwhelming effects that lockdown has had on the entire student community.

“Every year we help many international students move their belongings to and from the UK as they start or complete their studies. The arrival of COVID-19 has had a major impact on all students as their academic year came to an abrupt end. Whilst this has caused major disruption for those graduating this year, it is going to have an even bigger impact on those starting or continuing their studies in the new academic year.

“Luckily, our franchisees were on hand to help. They’ve all had experience with students relocating or moving abroad before now, but nothing quite on this scale. And with the added complication of the virus, things had to be dealt with a little differently. All our franchisees have embraced the challenge and called upon their expertise to provide the right solutions in the most appropriate way.”

For the past three months, franchisees have helped send student belongings all over the globe, stretching from Spain to Switzerland and Singapore. Rob Rayner, franchisee at PACK & SEND Leeds North service centre, provided a university student with a full end-of-tenancy move back to her home in Portland in the USA – just one of many jobs for his local universities.

“I can’t even imagine what some students and their parents went through as they rushed to reach home in March. What feels great is being able to provide a solution that helps put people’s minds at ease – the safe return of your items and no threats from landlords who want your accommodation cleared out. As lockdown now shows signs of easing, I’m grateful to have my foot in the door with the lucrative university market and have the opportunity to grow my business within this sector.”

To recognise the importance of international students returning to British universities this Autumn, PACK & SEND has decided to give back, quite literally, to the international student community. They have launched a bursary, called the PACK & SEND UK International Bursary Award, which will be awarded to one international student embarking on their studies in September this year.

The bursary fund will be awarded to the student who has the most inspiring, creative and well-articulated response as to why they wish to study in the UK. All franchisees are getting behind the launch of the bursary, informing their existing student client base of the potential cash injection to make a great start to their next year of study.

 Mike adds: “Launching this bursary is an exciting time for us and we look forward to hearing from all the inspiring stories our applicants share. We hope, although this is the first year, it is the start of an ongoing bursary programme from PACK & SEND.”

For more information, visit: https://www.packsend.co.uk/uk-franchise-opportunities/

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