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Why We Suggest Using Facebook In Your Recruitment Strategy

<strong>Why We Suggest Using Facebook In Your Recruitment Strategy</strong>

When you are looking to recruit new employees, it’s usually best to go through a formal hiring company like Indeed. However, Facebook can be surprisingly good at finding people with the right skills and experience for the jobs that you need filled.

A key difference that can’t be ignored is that Facebook is a platform people use fairly regularly at all times of the day, whilst Indeed is a platform that people only tend to use when primarily trying to look for jobs. If you use Facebook and Indeed to advertise, your ad could appear in front of people who don’t even realise they’re looking for jobs. Even if they don’t interact with it, their exposure to your brand will help them recognise it when job opportunities arise. The algorithm will also record these interactions and use that information for future advertising.

Pricing is also much cheaper with Facebook, which might be hard to believe with all the extra engagement you can generate from using a social media platform that already has around 3 Billion active monthly users globally, and 50 million active monthly users in the UK.

Facebook can also be more straightforward than Indeed, with location-based ad targeting and directly asking new applicants for the details that really matter to you; getting the right staff members is efficient and easy. No more reading through tonnes of CVs of varying qualities, you can choose what is relevant.

Due to the way Facebook ads work, you can also be more persistent with people who may have been interested but didn’t follow through. Re-targeting allows you to advertise with more detailed ads to people who have already interacted with one of your initial ads, potentially gaining back interest from someone who was semi-interested before.

We recommend Facebook as an additional tool for recruitment, because it has a pre-established, wide audience that you can appeal to directly for a much cheaper price, both in time and money!

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