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Win, Win Situation at Oscars

Win, Win Situation at Oscars

Running her business for four years Jean Ware, from Basingstoke in Hampshire, took up a new OSCAR marketing initiative that has helped her to see the bigger picture on how to promote and refocus the image of her business.

“Although I’ve been running a successful business I knew that I could rely on OSCAR to assist with a new incentive and the introduction to a marketing team of experts has helped me to gain better results. The scheme is designed to establish good quality; long-term customers by concentrating my main focus on nutrition combined with reliability and the benefits of my personal service inspired a refreshing new approach. 

“The target was directed though mail drop leaflets, radio advertising and attending more open shows. To have someone on hand to support me and oversee my progress has made a huge difference. I was encouraged to research my areas of exposure and where feedback at each stage was key to the whole process – now I can see the results of my extra hard work. To be heard on the radio and then seen at a show has gradually brought recognition to my presence and, secured by a leaflet drop, I have a much better place in the market.

“I still operate my business in the same way but emphasising the importance of different benefits from my service has been far more rewarding and left me wondering why I did not think of it myself. I am so pleased with the results of this exercise, enough to tell me that my dream of an exotic holiday is not too far away – all for making a little extra effort and putting more thought into how I run my business.”

An OSCAR franchise provides the security of a strong brand and protected image that gives you the benefit of running your own business to suit your time and circumstances. Within your own exclusive territory you can provide a convenient and free direct-to-the door delivery service with a comprehensive range of quality pet foods that is supported by an honest label policy – follow the OSCAR system and you will find success. 

The opportunity to offer a personal complete pet care service with ongoing expert advice to pet owners, health care products and accessories is unique to OSCAR, bringing many rewards, including repeat business, and the greatest opportunity to meet the UK’s 13 million pet owners – who just love their animals.

OSCAR has, over the years, gained the experience and confidence to recognise the importance of making career-changing decisions. So, if you want the freedom and security of running your own business there is no question that your change for the better should be with OSCAR.

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