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Platinum Wave offers expert consultancy, marketing & recruitment to strengthen your franchise, and launch your brand internationally.

Our clients come back to us time and time again for consultancy, recruitment and marketing as they grow their businesses. This is because our whole team gets involved with every project, which makes us a really valuable, multi-disciplined resource, that understands and cares about your brand. In fact, we’ve been voted as the top customer service provider in the industry by the BFA, Workbuzz and 4 times by EWiF. Working with Platinum Wave brings the combined expertise of 11 professionals all with more than 20 years’ experience in their fields to your team.

Franchise Services


  • Franchise Your Business
  • Franchise Recruitment
  • International Franchising
  • Franchise Marketing
  • Operations Manuals
  • Mentoring & Training
  • Executive Recruitment


Do you want to franchise your business?

A common starting point in helping businesses successfully transition from independent company to national franchise is to answer these questions: Can you franchise your business? Should you franchise your business? What is the best way to franchise your business?

We start with a feasibility study. We recommend how your franchise proposition should be structured, help you identify potential competitors (for both franchisees and customers), determine appropriate franchise fee structures, and highlight the key legal & operational documents, processes & systems required to franchise. This will help you to structure your franchise start up package, provide advice on brand protection, franchisee training & support programmes, operational processes, systems, supply chains, franchise territory mapping, franchisee profiling, and also produce franchisee and franchisor projections models. And that’s by no means an exhaustive list – we haven’t even mentioned the Operations Manual or Franchise Agreement yet!

It’s never too late – even if you’re already up and running, many brands have found it incredibly useful to go through our process to identify any gaps or weaknesses in their foundations before going full steam ahead with franchise recruitment.

Do you want to recruit the best franchisees to your network?

Recruitment is time consuming and since time is your most valuable resource, we save you a ton of it. We do this every day for lots of brands across different sectors and we see the broader picture of the industry as a whole – meaning we understand what prospective franchisees are looking for, where they look for it, and what they ultimately invest in.

We know that not every potential franchisee has franchising on their radar, so some won’t be on portals or searching for opportunities on Google. So we get creative on your behalf. You need to be thinking about headhunting, advertising campaigns, PR and having some incredible marketing collateral that tells your business story and the amazing ways it can change their lives.

We have a team of dedicated head-hunters with decades of commercial recruitment experience between them. This team is trusted by the likes of International mega brands Wendy’s, Ben & Jerry’s and German Doner Kebab to find them the very best candidates – whether it’s Master Franchisees, Area Developers, Multi-Unit Operators or even internal recruits for their franchise teams.

Franchise Services

Looking for some extra help?

Building franchises and recruiting franchisees is what we do, but it’s not all we do. PW Founder Suzie McCafferty is in hot demand as a business mentor. Not surprising when you consider she’s been in the industry for almost 25 years and in addition to Platinum Wave, sits as a non-executive director on the board of Right at Home UK, is On-Boarding Director at HERO Brands (owners of brands like German Doner Kebab and Island Poke), Chaired the bfa’s regional forum in Scotland for over 10 years and is now Regional Chair for EWiF. Whether helping you navigate international expansion or getting the best from your franchisees with our individual or group training programs, Suzie leads a team with a wealth of knowledge and credibility that’s hard to match.

International Development

CEO Suzie McCafferty’s own decades long journey in franchising starting by building her own retail brand from a single store in Edinburgh into a network of over 70 outlets in six countries including the Middle East and Caribbean. Since then, we have worked with a wide variety of brands either coming into the UK or venturing into pastures new.

Preparation is key. However, you can’t prepare unless you know what you’re preparing for! That’s where we can help you – plus we have expert franchising contacts on the ground in most franchise friendly countries to ensure every i is dotted and every t crossed for the market you are entering.

The ultimate goal of course, is to find the right partner to grow your brand in the chosen territory. They will need experience, resources, infrastructure, capital, passion and ambition to replicate your success – this is not like recruiting for another franchisee, this is more like recruiting to find another you, so making the right decisions at this stage is critical. You’ll be in safe hands with the Platinum Wave team by your side!

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