Flagship Events

Immerse yourself in the essence of BFA Flagship events, where knowledge intertwines with opportunity. Our annual gatherings offer a rich educational programme alongside purpose-driven networking opportunities, fostering connections within the franchising community. 

Experience transformative Flagship events packed with one-day gatherings tailored to enrich your learning journey and amplify networking opportunities. These events represent the pinnacle of the year, drawing diverse delegates and offering discussions, workshops, and interactive sessions. Whether empowering women in business, exchanging franchise strategies, or honing leadership skills, our Flagship events cater to diverse professional journeys, equipping attendees with essential tools for success. 

Join us at our next Flagship event and unlock the potential for growth, connectivity, and success within the franchising community. 

Nov 7

BFA Annual Conference

Experience a dynamic one-day event brimming with educational opportunities tailored to enhance your learning journey. The Annual Conference stands as the pinnacle event of the year, drawing the largest gathering of delegates, thus ensuring unparalleled networking prospects. Additionally, delve into the Supplier Showcase featuring numerous franchise-specific exhibitors ready to bolster your business endeavours on the day.

BFA HSBC UK British Franchise Awards

Join us for an exquisite black-tie gala dinner and dance affair, dedicated to honouring the triumphs and excellence within the franchising community.

Nov 7

Sept 19

Empowering Women in Business

Immerse yourself in a unique one-day event meticulously crafted by women for women. Dive into discussions tailored to address topics particularly pertinent to women in business, providing a nurturing environment for growth, connectivity, and embracing vulnerability.

Leadership In Action Conference

Embark on a transformative journey towards becoming a more effective leader with our meticulously curated event. Designed to be fully interactive and workshop-based, this day is dedicated to equipping you with the tools and insights necessary for enhancing and expanding your leadership skills.

June 14


The Powerhouse Exchange

Join us for a power-packed one-day event aimed at elevating your franchise business and propelling your brand to new heights through a multitude of strategies and avenues.


Attending these prestigious exhibitions is an important step in the research process for anyone considering investing in a franchise. Meet leading franchisors from a broad range of successful brands and meet the people behind the them.

You’ll also have the opportunity to chat to existing franchisees and industry experts including franchise providers, lawyers and the BFA team. Plus a packed programme of free educational seminars to help you make an informed decisions about your future in franchising.

The Franchise Exhibitions

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