What is franchising?

Franchising is a business relationship between two parties. This comprises of the franchisor, who owns the brand and business system, and the franchisee, who via a franchise agreement is able to trade under the brand.

Franchisees will pay an initial fee at the start of the relationship. In return they will receive a comprehensive package of training that will enable them to establish and run their business. There will also be monthly continuing fees throughout the term of the relationship. For this the franchisor will provide ongoing support, guidance and research and development to ensure the franchisee is successful.

So where do we come in? The BFA is the trade association for business format franchising in the UK. We truly believe that franchising transforms lives. It provides people with the opportunity to do what they love, build a successful business and most importantly, do it to suit their own desired lifestyle. Being a BFA Member shows a commitment to ethical franchising and sustainable business practices. BFA Members adhere to the European Code of Ethics, providing reassurance that the brand has a proven business model and commitment to supporting their franchise network.

Invest in a franchise

The BFA can provide you with the very best contacts, support and expert advice

Franchise your business

Developing your business through the power of franchising could provide a very attractive alternative to organic growth

Why franchising?

In business for yourself – not by yourself!

You will be supported by a franchising team who want you to succeed and you’ll be part of a network of like-minded individuals who are sharing the experience with you.

It is a low-risk business option

Every single BFA member franchisor has an established business model that you can replicate in another location. While your success can never be guaranteed, a proven business model will give you the best possible start. Over 40 percent of new standalones will fail. Compare that to franchising, where only 5 percent of new franchisee start-ups don’t make it. Your franchisor has already met the challenges and overcome them, so you won’t have to.

Love what you do,
do what you love

Franchising is excitingly diverse. At The BFA we’ve welcomed new business owners of all ages and from all backgrounds, as well as more women than ever before. Whether you want a flexible, part-time opportunity or the beginning of your business empire, franchising can open the door. Restaurants and cafes, pet care, education, sport & fitness, health & beauty, business coaching – franchising provides business opportunities across an amazing number of sectors. So why not turn the thing you love doing most into your career?

Invest in your future

Never forget that buying into a franchise is just the beginning. Many franchisees hand over to family members or sell their businesses for a profit when they’re ready to retire or explore pastures new.

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