Start Up Training

Our Start Up Training area is dedicated to assisting you in commencing your journey in franchising. Whether you aspire to franchise your business or become a franchisee, we’re here to provide the guidance you need to kickstart your endeavour. Access our free online training resources or book virtual seminars where you’ll find answers to all your questions and gain valuable insights to propel your franchising journey forward.

Franchisee Training

Our free online training provides you with all of the knowledge needed to understand what franchising is and how you can become a franchisee. Simply register online and complete the modules at your own pace to help identify the next steps in your franchising journey.

Franchisor Training

A central part of the BFA’s work is educating business owners and potential franchisors alike around the benefits and successes that franchising can offer, giving you the best chance of flourishing into a nationwide brand.

Franchise Your Business

These virtual seminars are well regarded in the industry as the go-to seminars for starting a journey into franchising. The BFA actively promotes these to the UK public and works in partnership across the membership to help tell the story of franchising to people looking to find out more.

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